How to: Clean Install macOS High Sierra



Checking Prerequisites 0:56
Downloading macOS 2:10
USB Drives 3:13
Opening Disk Utility 3:48
Backing up USB Drive 4:09
Formatting your Drive 4:29
Copying the Command 5:30
Creating the USB 5:50

Your USB and Power 7:09
Backing up your data 7:49
Restarting you Computer 8:26
Booting from the Installer 8:49
macOS Utilities 9:37
Formatting your Hard Drive 10:24
Installing macOS Sierra 12:41
Setting up your mac 13:47

Check requirements:
macOS High Sierra:
Terminal command line:
Additional Instructions:

Terminal Command: sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ –volume /Volumes/MyVolume

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Last Revised: 3/31/2015

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  1. Rupert Zoone says:

    any guide from jump into highSierra from Mavericks? clean install is not working at all.

  2. Donato M. says:

    Thankyou for the tutorial! However ive got a problem.. during the installation process my mac reboots and it opens the macOS Utilities again!! Like an endless loop. It doesnt finish the installation, no matter how often i try..
    any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!

  3. Steven Davies says:

    Can anyone help? I'm getting to the part where you select "Macintosh HD" and it stays greyed out and will not let me go any further!!

  4. Jose Gregorio says:

    Hi I installed High Sierra on Macintosh HD partition Disk on my mac Pro 
    But I have 1TB internal HDD with is locked and it won't let me convert to APFS at all 
    any commands that you might recommend I will really appreciate your help

  5. Jörgen Wedmark says:

    Proper respect for sharing this. Very educational, detailed and easy to follow. I've never done this before but now and thanks to this it you made it easy for me. I'm very grateful.

  6. Pavinthan Sivakumar says:

    I could not select USB in startup disk selector in bootscreen (it is not listed)

  7. Arbind kumar says:

    How to format as apfs encrypted , when ever I try to format as apfs encrypted it asks for create password

  8. Lina Fonseca says:

    You're a life saver. I did a upgrade because I got the notification from app store am not a big fan of mac so I didn't know what was going on with this new upgrade my drive became untitled and I was freaking out. You save me from an heart attack hahah now I'll do this. Thanks so much!!!

  9. b m says:

    This is a lot of stuff your doing.

    Before you start, make a Time Machine Back up to an HD that's clean/partitioned.

    One enclosure with USB connection to MBP Or IMac. a bootable HD(the old MBP HD) in the other Time Machine back up(in that bay.

     The new HD is in the MBP computer.

    Then start the MBPs Power on while holding down the Option Key.

    You get that famous menu….pick format New HD in MBP or iMac If wifi is enabled it will ask for a password and point to the Place (HD/SSD)you want to install High Sierra. after that its a clean install. I you copied the personal folder that's all you need. 

    And if you did not want a clean install all you would do is Migrate HD in of the old MBPs HD from the Drive enclosure to the New HD in the MBP.

  10. Dav Bohl says:

    I tried to use the following command:

    sudo /Applications/Install macOS High –volume /Volumes/MyVolume
    sudo: /Applications/Install macOS High

    but I got this error: command not found

    What is wrong?

    I Have a MacBook Pro from End of 2011 with OS X Yosemite with Version 10.10.5.

    I would be very grateful if you could help me.

    Thanks in adnvance

  11. Lemuel Javier says:

    I need help I was downloading high Sierra in my apple computer and it couldn't restart it keeps saying something like this " your computer restarted because of a problem" and it tried to restart but it keeps going back to that message… Please help!

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