How to Create a Bootable MAC OS X Mavericks USB Flash Drive

In this video, I will show you guys how to make a bootable USB Flash Drive of a MAC OS X (10.9) Mavericks, quickly and easily.

You will need a USB Flash Drive and a copy of the actual MAC OS X Mavericks.


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  1. TheSergit says:

    where did you download the installer?

  2. Gaylyn Magat says:

    i hope this thing still working

  3. Multipz Rahul says:

    Nice one sir.

  4. Abdul Maxamad says:

    how come i cant see the mavericks file in the app store. and it says "purchased" instead of "purchases"

  5. willescott88 says:

    Hi, I'm currently doing the terminal step and so far it hasn't got passed "copying installer files to disk" and has been like this for over half an hour. Any idea what's happening?

  6. Philip Parker says:

    Brilliant, thanks man 🙂

  7. DRSproductions100 says:

    Is all this necessary if you do a time machine backup, which saves your operating system?

  8. 0ThrowawayAccount0 says:

    Thank you for publishing this video. Your instructions were clear and I was able to make a Bootable OS X El Capitan. I appreciate your time.

  9. vinay kumar says:

    For El Capitan Use this command, replace UNTITLED with your partition name

    sudo /Applications/Install OS X El –volume /Volumes/UNTITLED –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X El –nointeraction

  10. Brad Coleman says:

    Thanks for the instruction. I have multiple logon id's on my MBP. Do the instructions change to handle multiple id's?

  11. Luigi Pardo says:

    hi what if i have Yosemite. whats the process then. thank you great vid

  12. oh hi o says:

    great video, can you give the command to install the El captain os?

  13. s1e2i3f says:

    its been over an hour and terminal is stuck at "copying installer files to disk…" anyone?

  14. Nickolas Tomasgaard says:

    Hey Sakitech, thanks for a very good vid! I have a question: I'm installing OS X Yosemite, and using the command Donald here posted. When trying to enter my password in the Terminal I can't get no reaction from the Terminal. It will not let me type my password. Just freezes

    What to do?

  15. tom kruz says:

    Thanks a lot, this video is very helpful and accurate! Thumbs up!

  16. Christopher Neal says:

    This was very helpful.  Thank you so much!

  17. Sebastiano Films says:

    thank you! ive tried numerous websites and youtube videos and this is the only one thaat worked! liked and favorited thanks

  18. NYPANAMA says:

    Question?  I checked my iTunes account on my Mac, and  I could not find OS X Yosemite.  

    While I do have the up to date version of OS X on my Mac, it was always downloaded automatically, never manually.  

    Based on the above, how do I download this to a USB thumb drive for later use, if its not listed in my iTunes?

  19. Nick Kientsch says:

    Thankyou. Looked at three other videos but yours was the easiest to follow and worked! One thing confused me and might be worth pointing out. When typing in the password nothing happens on the screen, so for a while I thought it was frozen.  Then I hit return in desperation and realised it had recorded the password without showing any activity on the screen as it then went on to do what you described. 

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