How-to Create MAC OSX 10.9 Mavericks Bootable USB Disk and download a free copy

A Quick and Easy way to create a MAC OSX Mavericks Bootable USB Disk.

Update Video for OSX YOSEMITE:

You can download OSX 10.9 Mavericks for free here:

Terminal Codes:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder
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  1. FlatmanXXF says:

    Hey man it’s me again. I was looking to do a clean install but I’m coming
    from Yosemite. Can I downgrade to Mav? 

  2. HilburnMcCormick says:

    Very easy to follow tut, so thank you! Everything works as shown until the
    very end. I got a “Disk Not Ejected Properly – Eject “OS X Base System”
    before disconnecting or turning it off”, and then an error message, “The
    Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Essentials.pkg”
    can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”
    I am doing this on a late 2013 iMac running Yosemite. Any ideas?

  3. Mingus O'Bannon says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. What kind of mouse do you use? Every time you
    click something it sounds like you’re slamming it with your hand. I assume
    it’s your microphone configuration or you just pound your mouse. 

  4. Kami Play says:

    thanks !

  5. shao capuy says:

    hey bro jut wanted to ask if you know how to fix the the spining wheel of
    death as they call it. the round rainbow color thing on you mouse

  6. Arianne H. says:

    Thanks! Really helpfull :D

  7. linhaencarnada says:

    thanks (obrigado)

  8. Nikhil Kumar says:

    Hey man! So I already erased the disk and when I click on reinstall a fresh
    copy of OSX it says contact apple care as information not found. Is this
    because I don’t have Internet connection? Is it possible to install without
    I also have a pendrive in NTFS format which has the dog file of Osx
    Mavericks but it does not show when I switch on the laptop next to
    recovery. Please help me and thanks a lot :)

  9. Abhishek Khapre says:


  10. Coleridge Bell says:

    great video would have never figured it out without this tutorial be sure
    to follow step for step it is different mountain lion process

  11. rjmprod says:

    nice, thanks

  12. Juan Limon says:

    Will it work if I do it from my iMac for my MacBook Pro that originally
    came with mavericks 

  13. Liko97180 says:

    NICE THANKSSSS!!!!! cheers man sub straight :)

  14. Drimbleveg says:

    I recommend using this method to make your bootable Mavericks flash drive.
    An excellent five minute, step-by-step tutorial, that is very easy to
    follow and works. No ums and ers or long pauses. I am 50 and not that
    familiar with using terminal and managed to make a bootable Mavericks flash
    drive on the first attempt. I really like the fact that you use a logo
    instead of appearing in the video yourself. So many of these videos have
    now become more about self promotion than sharing knowledge and advice in
    easy understandable steps. You have nailed it. I will be back for more
    advice in the future. Cheers

  15. KnowItAll Productions says:

    Excellent video. Very concise & thorough, presented w/ an especially simple
    & easy to follow format. I needed this as my rMBP is consistently having
    issues with permissions & kernel panics, & I needed a clean slate. This is
    also the only method I’ve seen that didn’t require downloading Mavericks
    via the App Store. Liked & Subb’ed. 

  16. Abody Mixedrace says:

    Hey bro, I did all the steps as i saw and everything is going through but
    when i wanna hide the files again it won’t
    “defults write AppleshowAllFiles FALSE”
    please help, Thank you 

  17. Ibraheem AL-Balushi says:

    I would like to record my great thanks to you, I have tried many ways to
    install a fresh Mavericks, I was always getting an Error message, and that
    I have to contact nothing worked with me after I have replaced
    both of the HDD and 4 GB RAM with SSD & 16 GB RAM, Not even wireless
    downloading worked with me.

  18. samseng90 says:

    If I install a brand new hard drive to my 2009 MBP 13 inch, can I use this
    bootable USB drive to install Mavericks OS on the new hard drive? Thanks in

  19. Deplaneet BVBA says:


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