How to Download and Install Snow Leopard 10.6 – For Free – Fastest, Easiest way – Part 1

Hey guys, this is part one of how to download and install Snow Leopard 10.6, hope you like it. I will be uploading part two soon, have already made, just making a few tweaks here and there. Please scroll down for instructions incase you didn’t understand part of the video. Anyway, here’s the stuff you’ll need to download it.

Part two:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try reading the instructions.”

Link to Torrent Download:

uTorrent Download: (Note this is only for people with Mac Os X 10.5 and up)

Transmission Download:
For Mac 10.5 and up:
For Mac 10.4.11:

Incase you guys didn’t understand some parts of the video, here’s a recap of about everything I said.

1. Download the torrent from ThePirateBay.
2. Download Transmission, uTorrent, or any other BitTorrent application you think will work best for you.
3. Open Transmission, uTorrent, or the BitTorrent application you downloaded.
4. Select the torrent file from your downloads, and begin to download it. (Note: this can take anywhere from about 6-16 hours. I would suggest leaving it on overnight, so it is ready for the morning.)

That’s all for now, watch part two to see what to do next. Thanks for watching and please rate, comment or subscribe, see you guys later.

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  1. Josecarlo Caloca says:

    dude, I cannot even go the the pirate bay, it says "invalid certificate server" so what should I do can I download it from another mac and pass it through usb??

  2. Chiubat Battana says:

    I tried to install snow leapard on Mac os x10.4.11 , the system keeps saying , can't open , software needs at least Mac os x 10.5 and up ?

  3. Chiubat Battana says:

    Does it work on Mac os x 10.4.11 ?

  4. Magdalena Wojcikowska says:

    Torrent link blocked. Anybody got any other links, please?

  5. vaisakh smosh says:

    the torrent website does not work

  6. Dequel Clan says:

    ist working?

  7. Luis Tamborrell says:

    I specifically need snow leopard v. 10.6.6

  8. staub Andy says:

    The link to the torrent file doesend work on my mac i have os x 10.4.11

  9. mohamed abdirahmaan diiriye says: Hi this is the link it goes through to the torrents

  10. GryfinR0 1 says:


  11. Ervin W says:

    could i download this to a usb?

  12. Bugzy 941 says:

    for everyone that is complaining, the link still works i just downloaded it and restored my macbook to snow leopard.

  13. NotRealHowTos says:

    Any link from google drive or such?. i don't wanna use TPB.

  14. Brian Guzman says:

    So i reboted my old Macbook and its now set back to 2008 settings. cant update to anything with out having 10.6 and it wont work, would this work? I have 10.5.8

  15. Leafy's Daughter says:

    Ty! I have the 10.5.8 and I finally got to update!

  16. honder says:

    High Quality Cleaner for MacBooks Discover & Review Detox My Mac.

  17. Arizona Mango Man says:

    can you do this upgrade from tiger?

  18. Shashank Sastry says:

    Can you please put up a new link for the website that will actually work because I am anxious to get Snow Leopard and update to El Capitan on my e Mac which I was determined to do. Please post a better link or put a download link to the Torrent on a separate website that has Host errors

  19. Kathy Madrid says:

    guys use kickass torrent if pirate bay isn't working it worked for me

  20. Robbie V. says:

    May I install this Opertion System in Lenovo laptop which is uses Windows nowadays?

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