How to : Factory Reset / Hard Reset Your MacBook Pro & Air (Easiest Method)

How to : Factory Reset / Hard Reset Your MacBook Pro & Air (Easiest Method)

This is the easiest method to perform a factory reset on your Mac.

New Method / Upgraded Tutorial : (OS x Yosemite)


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This is a new version of my old Mac Air screen replacement video. Better lightning and i think better sound. Step by step instructions on how to do this.

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Hope you enjoy it, and this helps you out.
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  1. Trevor L says:

    Thank you

  2. Tai Le says:

    At 3:03 after I click "install" Apple told me I have to sign in to download from Apple Store. My mac book is really old and I forgot/don't know what's my Apple ID and password so please help me

  3. John salagali says:

    Hey what if the Macbook air has an admin password. Would that interrupt the Reset

  4. Rowena Agir says:

    Hi I need your help to continue my factory reset. I did but doesn't continue because they need an Apple ID to install for Macintosh HD. Thanks

  5. Die answer says:

    i accedantly deleted macintosh hd, what to do!!! help me!!

  6. Mask says:

    I don't have recovery option

  7. Greg Tassos says:

    Exelent! Thank you, (small issue, my Apple ID wasn't working and I was getting a "try again later" message . Once I used my daughters I'd it worked fine. It was her MacBook to begin with.)

  8. marinel bereno says:

    hey! thank you so much!it helps a lot!,wondering if its possible still to restore the other account in my mac book. what i mean is my family made also an account in my mac book and i also delete it,just wondering coz maybe they asking some dox. lol but really so thankful. 🙂

  9. last time says:

    there are probably many criminals who view this

  10. Lani Ramos says:

    It won't let me install the Mac OS X I need help

  11. Tomstarlpg12 says:

    This video's instructions Broke my computer instead of restarting it, now i don't have a 1,500$ computer thanks alot.

  12. VoidMikey 21 says:

    i held power and option and a screen woth a padlock came up

  13. Remona Gonzalez says:

    it won't let me reinstall OS x it said I need to log in to app with my Apple ID I try but said this is hasn't been log in with Apple store

  14. Candice Arceo says:

    After I erased, my mbp froze and I couldn't install the osx. Decided to manually restart, but when I did, I wasn't brought back to the Utilities page, but stuck with my screen showing only a "no-entry" symbol. Pressing command+r upon reboot is not doing anything. Help!

  15. KastroGee says:

    When I press install it says this item is temporarily unavailable what does that mean?

  16. John Sanchez says:

    mine doesn't give me a option to connect to wifi

  17. Jacco de Maat says:

    It works Thanx

  18. thebruhsteven says:

    So everyone that watches porn, you can do this anytime… I don't regret this comment.

  19. Atif Jeelani says:

    Can i use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun?

  20. Richter Dessti says:

    i wont a site for bay a dalle

  21. Peter Hordern says:

    Thank you

  22. Fiskey says:

    How much do you charge to fix this?

  23. Ninetyeagle Mo says:

    Can i use hair dryer for heating? thank you

  24. Craig Gerlach says:

    Do you know what panels cross reference to the LSN133BT01-A02?
    Have a A1466 here that needs a panel, pretty tricky of them to put tape on inverter cable…
    Wish I had seen your video first, used a credit card to pull panel and skuffed up their diffuser screen, guess they will see the marks after the repair, unless that diffuser is available as well somewhere…

  25. Florida Victor says:

    Ciao Milan, this is great job. Following carefully your instructions I did save 400€ and did this in less than 2 hours ( I have been very careful… 😉 ). Wife took care of the bezel cleaning and adhesive, Son looked after Dad who initially plugged the backlight-flex upside-down … a small break with a glass Sangiovese …so in the end, everyone happy ! – Olivier in Denmark

  26. Robin Roos says:

    is it possible to replace the macbook air's screen with a Chinese better one if you're content with the terrible quality of it? the colours are really washed out.

  27. Santiago Díaz says:

    It's possible to take the back panel to in order to access the apple logo?

  28. Adam Arocho says:

    My Macbook Air has dead pixels on the screen and the dead spot is getting larger and larger as the days go on. Would this be a screen replacement or do I need to replace the whole screen assembly?

  29. Mark Burghard says:

    If the backlight on my MacBook is out, would doing this repair fix the problem?

  30. Anônimo Legal says:

    Milan, my MacBook air screen suddenly shutdown…The same occurs with the light of Apple symbol. Can you Tell what is the problem?

  31. liz gomez says:

    hi. the tech at my office…had a screen working… backlight worked…everything worked. he took out the screen as you explained. put the new one and the screen works but not the backlight now…. what could have caused this?

  32. udontknowus2 says:

    Hi Milan.
    Great work and thanks for charing this. Could you please provide more information about the painting knifes you use for this job and the LCD exchange on the A1398?
    Thanks in advance

  33. Stouvre Megaded says:

    Great video! Thanks! The credits at the end made me lol.

  34. Pavel Zhivulin says:

    Hi! Made everything like in this video. On power up there's no backlight and nothing is on the screen, although computer loads successfully and external monitor works.
    Any particular thing to check (cable connection etc)?

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