How to Fix a Mac Laptop Stuck on a Boot Screen

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  1. angel perez says:


  2. Terrell S. says:

    I keep getting a denied circular symbol with the grey screen background. I have macOS High Sierra Beta #.

  3. Illchillwill Greene says:

    You are the man!!! thanks Bro!!!

  4. fonsi lopez says:

    Almost ran to the Apple store. lol

  5. Ben Haining says:

    yep yep thanks didnt work

  6. Zigs Tech says:


  7. Victor Guzman says:

    My Macintosh hard drive is missing, why is that ,

  8. LowKeyLou Zerimar says:

    My issue seems to be right after I click the Windows drive. It takes me to a black startup screen with a white under score blinking and won't load anything. Not sure how to fix this but there is nothing on the internet about this issues. I have no Idea what happened. I did recently update my OS and also installed Pro Tools. Now I can't login into Windows at all. ANY HELP??????????????????

  9. Steven Tompkins says:

    So I can do the command options boot like I can open that screen but I can't save boot or recovery boot at all and I have literally no idea why…. I got the recovery screeen once and it just disappeared and now I can't get it back whatsoever? Any help?

  10. Ex Gamer says:

    I cant access "command r" do you know why?

  11. Anie Simpson says:

    Thank you! Worked like a champ!

  12. Michael Hoyos says:

    What happens to me is my computer just goes on the screen with the apple logo and the loading line, then it loads around 1/8 of the way then turns off and just keeps happening

  13. Ezhil Selvan says:

    I am not able to type password in my user profile. When i try to login it is not allowing to type. Can you help me to solve this problem.

  14. Jon Michael says:

    I got a problem. When I log in and got to loading bar. And it shut up. When I press all the things u said, it pop a lock?? What do I do next?

  15. kuldeep meena says:

    macbook pro 2009 mid , not showing recovery hardrive when i try to make on

  16. saer1212 says:

    This guy is good! Really Good. No offense, but it is refreshing to have some speak English and I can understand. (This no offense to those great people who try to help!!) I can not get the mac to work- yet- However, many times it is my fault and not knowing to release buttons….
    This guy also is very confident and seems to know what he is doing. I almost had it last week from following him. If he reads the comments: A and A+ when I fix it which I am confident I will.

  17. shahib Akram says:

    When I try to reinstall the os x it says the disk is locked … any one know how to fix it

  18. Eranda Darshana kumarapperuma says:

    Some computers command+P+R Not working.Instead you have to press command+P+R+option key ..

  19. Nadeem Ali says:

    respected sir ,
    i have macbook pro 2011 early ..when i start it does not start some time ..normaly …it take time and suddenly shutdown …..please help . how can solve this problem ..i will be very thankfull to you .

  20. Lockie116 says:

    It worked thank u so mych

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