How to Get Call of Duty: Black Ops For Free (No Torrent) (Mac)

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So, COD Fans I’ve got a really interesting video for you guys.
Get COD Black Ops for Mac Totally FREE!! without using torrents

*NOTE* – Download the Black Ops.dmg file from any of the one links below NOT BOTH OF THEM

Link 1 –
Link 2 –

*NOTE* – After the game runs go in the setting and Turn On Full Screen in the Game to play in the full screen mode

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This video shows myself playing the Mac OS X version of Call of Duty 4 using a Xbox 360 Joypad. Note that this game does NOT have built-in support for gamepads/joysticks.

To be able to play this game using that controller (and many others, like the Playstation 3 one), I used the “Joystick Mapper” application, which allows you to use joysticks or gamepads in any Mac application or game, even the ones without builti-in support.

You can download it here:
And here is its the website:

About the app configuration:

It comes with a “FPS Example” (you can find it on “File – Load Examples” menu), which is mostly based on Call of Duty, I just changed the Dpad Up and Dpad Down mappings to “Night Vision” and “Grenade Launcher” which are equivalent to keyboard keys N and 5, respectively.

About the game configuration:

I unbind “Go to Crouch”, and bind “Change Stance” to the “C” key,
I also recommend changing the Right Mouse Button mapping from “Toggle Aim down the Sight” to “Aim down the Sight” (I did not do this on this video), so it behaves more like the Xbox 360 version.

Also, set the Mouse sentisitivity to a low value, it feels better in my opinion.

You may need to install a driver if you want to use your xbox 360 controller on mac:

Also, if you have a *wireless* controller like me you will need the “Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver”. The wired works without this.
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  1. FrostDragon121 says:

    can you download mods?

  2. Mike Bailey says:


  3. DjEk says:

    download both???

  4. Rejectors Gang says:

    does it work on mac os sierra ?

  5. Zexcyy says:

    whats the difference between the links?

  6. root offline says:

    666 subs

  7. Lily Magana says:

    Thanks man!

  8. nile125 says:

    does multiplayer work?

  9. Kristi Xcort says:

    thank u it works (pls reply)

  10. Abral Hadi says:

    it's work for me, Thanks Bro

  11. MCPV GAMING says:

    it takes 3 days

  12. Black Retro_ (ShayZyBY) says:

    download link broke

  13. Himanshu jharwal says:

    Hey can you make one for dead pool also

  14. LemonBrowser says:

    do i have to download both links

  15. AlphaCrazy Gamer says:

    yea motherfucka

  16. W3sGaming says:

    Hey people, the download IS free, it just tries to scam you into buying a "turbo" download piece of shiz.

  17. krispop mAx says:

    i have mac but u have to pay to download?!?!?

  18. s paella says:

    will the joystick mapper work for nimbus controller ?

  19. Tophe Henri says:

    what button to use to run fast ?

  20. Andres Garcia Alba says:

    mw3 works?

  21. SyKo Somatyc says:

    My RT button wont shoot and i have the settings to RT= mouse button 0 (primary) what do i do?

  22. e jermy says:

    how do you use controller's stick as mouse when you play cod?

  23. TVTENZIN HD says:


  24. th3 enrique says:

    when i go to shoot with RT, the gun wont stop shooting, any ideas on how to fix that?

  25. Massimiliano de luca says:

    perfetto !!!!
    grazie !!!

  26. Mystic Pineapple says:

    when you aim down your sights, the ads sensitivity is WAY too high. how do I change this???

  27. Petrit Salihu says:

    I cant do it On Cod 4

  28. Oliver Zubiri says:

    why my mac can't find my game pa xbox 360…? pls help
    already download joystick mapper..

  29. Jewel dela cruz says:

    If i push the joystick just slightly, will it make the character move slowly?

  30. Fazree Said says:

    hahaha wtfish how to learn play with joystick ya? anyone that want to guide me?

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