How to Get Minecraft on ANY Mac (EASY) – Download Minecraft for macOS/OS X Tutorial

Hey guys today I’m bringing you guys a TUTORIAL on how to install Minecraft on ANY Mac computer! This is actually a remake of a video I did a few years back, and I felt I should remake it in order to answer some of the questions people had and just to make it more professional overall.

1) Go to
2) Log into your Mojang account (if you don’t have one yet, make one!)
3) Purchase the game
4) Click the download button
5) Launch the installer
6) Play Minecraft!

Hope this helps you guys!
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Frequent Questions
🔸Recording software?
➣ iOS + OS X Screen Recording via QuickTime

🔸Editing software?
➣ Final Cut Pro X (Mac)

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➣ No sorry, too many people ask for shoutouts and the few times I’ve done them it turns out badly (and I’m a horrible artist)

🔸Can I record with you?
➣ I’m not overly comfortable talking with people I’ve never met in person. However that doesn’t mean I will never collab, and I will probably open up to dual recording in the future 🙂
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How to download MacOS High Sierra Without Developer Account

1) Open terminal
sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil enroll DeveloperSeed
2) Paste command and give password
3) macappstores:// open this link in safari
4) Click Download

“”Says you must enroll your Mac before downloading the beta even with the command?””

Install this and try again

Then restart your Mac
After that open that link in safari
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  1. ThunderBow says:

    If you guys are getting the DEMO VERSION, that's because you never bought the game. If you do NOT have a PREMIUM account (Paid version), you can ONLY play the Demo. The game costs $26 – it is NOT free!

  2. Zachster_playz XD says:

    Nce intro btw

  3. Michelle Geesin says:

    I need to know how u get the game back if it was deleted tell me pls

  4. Diana Castillo says:

    were you downloading the demo or the full version

  5. kay willow says:

    Your intro is coool!!!!!!

  6. Black Heart says:

    Who downloads mc on Mac? The thing gets hotter than hell

  7. Khose Games says:

    i have 10.7.5 and it doesnt auch

  8. christa says:

    great video!

  9. von tapire says:


  10. maks slugo says:


  11. Spec HD says:

    I did all that and it saying "minecraft launcher closed error" ….. fantastic

  12. shoti kalandarishvili says:

    its a fucking demo

  13. issa abdi says:


  14. peep the gamer says:

    i bot it and now i have it man cool love you

  15. Ibrahim zarei says:

    I love you, thank you very much since few days I'm trying to download ^^

  16. Minecraft Tiger says:


  17. Atami Kisa says:

    I did like you but it's just a demo

  18. Elija 03 says:

    Hi! I played Minecraft for about 2 years but now I tried something and I accidently messed with the files… Then I had to reinstall the game but my Mac told me that I couldn't play because the Mac OS version was to old. (OS X 10.7.5 but 10.8.0 was necessary) What can I do to make it work?

  19. RbxBux says:

    I wish it was free thats because I hate my life

  20. Brandon John says:

    Well I'll be damned….

  21. PRAS says:

    WORKNIG FOR ME, Thanks

  22. sebas789391 says:

    Im installing it on my macbook late 2009 now but im thinking about putting it on my macbook pro mid 2012 if my macbook late 2009 handles it

  23. Dannii says:

    Thanks man, it works.

  24. Vitaliy Pavlov says:

    Dont work

  25. Dylan Thabest says:

    Doesnt work for me at all!

  26. Alejandro Larrañaga Flores says:

    Perfect, It started to download

  27. WeSam Abdallah says:


  28. Vladyslav Cherkasenko says:

    Do you need developer profile to update betas?

  29. Drew Stahl says:

    THANK YOU!! The .dmg from apple didn't open the link in the App Store. Super helpful!! Thank you so much!!

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