How to go back from El Capitan to Yosemite OSX , revert to Yosemite from El Capitan OSX

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  1. Pony Sixfinger says:

    the title does not reflect the content. this tutorial is how to restore from Time Machine

  2. InsaneShells - Roblox and More says:

    i love yosemite it works great by the way my computer isnt mavericks sadly

  3. Stickapot says:

    This video does NOT show you how to restore ONLY the system software it shows you how to do complete restore from time machine. which means you will LOSE EVERYTHING on your hard drive not just the system software you are trying to revert.

    This video is annoying as all hell

  4. DSP LiveMusic says:

    can i do the backup on Capitan, and downgrade to Mavericks and then there do the restore?


    you the man bro I got in contact with Apple and it didn't even want to do this they wanted me to bring MacBook Pro into their Center and wipe it clean and then start all over I know it was another way around that I'm glad that I came across your video I woulda lost all my things on this Mac Book and been really upset I have years and years of working music and other important stuff on here so I had a lot to lose and I didn't want to lose it so I'm glad that you did this video to help people like me that's not Mac Book Savvy because PC savvy i know how to fix any type of PC but when it comes to Mac computers I'm very Clueless so thank you for helping everybody out

  6. Scotty Hills says:

    What if my time machine backup is from El Capitan only?

  7. meckadrakon says:

    What if we didnt backup anything

  8. meckadrakon says:

    How do we unplug and plug our disk

  9. Karl Smerecnik says:

    "time machine" should be in the title. this is useless for those of us who don't use time machine. but thanks for sharing

  10. MelodeusForever says:

    People watching want to know how to downgrade to the same i.e….. going from OS X 10.10.5 down to 10.10.0 or 10.10.2…..IJS

  11. MelodeusForever says:

    Buddy, this is not a video for converting back to another operating systems…..its a video for reverting from TIME MACHINE BACK UP! I think you should take this video down and recatalog it as BACKUP FROM TIME MACHINE! IJS

  12. T.A. Silvers says:

    If I do this, will I lost my Bootcamp partition?

  13. FadedVerpo says:

    What happens if you don't have any backups?

  14. sergio sanchez says:

    Muchas gracias Mr. Guevara it was very helpful thanks for resolve my big problem I upgrade my mac and didn't recognize my interface on garage band also new garage band its garbage thanks again

  15. Miguel Gomez says:

    how can i do it if i never had Yosemite? i barely bought my mac so that is the reason for me not having it.

  16. Miguel Gomez says:

    i just bought my new mac book pro and i don't like el capitan and would like to revert, can anyone please tell me how i can do it ????!!!!!!

  17. SkinCareLuver says:

    Also thanks because I have the late 2011 model and happy to see people still using it ☺️

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