How to install an SSD in a 2011 MacBook Pro

In this video we show you show you how easy it is to install an SSD in a 2011 MacBook Pro.

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  1. Dallin Keil says:

    If i don't clone my hard drive, to the new ssd, will i lose all my data like, Music in iTunes/pictures/video etc?

  2. Dylan Liew says:

    Hi, is it ok if I dont clone my drive?

  3. Ahmad Fares says:

    Hello sir …I want to upgrade my mid2010 MacBook Pro for a Samsung 850 pro 1Tb SSD do you think this upgrade will be compatible.?

  4. The Pussy Diaries says:


  5. Rahel Abraha says:

    YOU R THE BEST. Thank you.

  6. Francisco Ceruti says:

    THANKS ROD. This was the clearest, most complete and easy to understand of all the videos about upgrading my HDD to an SSD. My Macbook Late 2008 runs SIGNIFICANTLY faster (I also upgraded from 3 to 4 GB of RAM).

    As always, AUSTRALIANS ROCK !!!


  7. Gaianna Love says:

    Hi Rod, I love your videos they're so friendly 😉

    I'm have trouble with adding my 850 pro Samsung onto my Macbook pro
    2010, perhaps you might know the answer? I upgraded my firmware, backed
    up my computer on an external hd with time machine, installed the ssd,
    and when I turned it on I plugged in the time machine hd, held down
    option, and all I got was a blank screen with my mouse running around it
    trying to find something to click… I'm thinking my computer didn't
    know where to turn to reboot. Am I right and do I just need to plug in
    my old internal hd via a usb port to boot her up, or might you see
    another reason why this is happening?

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