How to Install macOS Sierra on PC Without Mac | Hackintosh | No Mac Required | Step By Step

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC without Mac with Full Guide & Step By Step.

If you don’t have access to Macintosh or Hackintosh computer you can also make working Bootable USB on your Windows and install macOS Sierra. It doesn’t matter which windows you are using.

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Download macOS Sierra Image file :

Download Win32DiskImager :

Download 7 Zip :


Note : Don’t worry about the Bootloader it is preinstalled on USB Drive. ( Clover v.3763 ).

Note : This video only supports upto 5th. Gen. So if yo’re having a Skylake or Kabylake PC Build or Laptop then please move to Skylake and Kaby Lake support tutorial.

So guys forget about Macintosh/Apple or Hackintosh Computer for making Bootable USB.Now you don’t need it.Your Search is over

Now , you have a working macOS Sierra Bootable USB made on windows.
So you’re ready to install macOS Sierra on your Computer

IMPORTANT Read before installing.

Before installing make sure about your Hardware compatibility like CPU, Graphic Card, Motherboard, WiFi and Other Hardware.

Recommended and supported hardware:
Minimum Dual Core CPU 2nd generation with Nvidia Graphics Card.

I hope this guide will be helpful.
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Install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox on Windows - PC | Download Links

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to install macOS High Sierra 10.13 on VirtualBox on Windows PC.
Installing macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox is very easy and simple. We are going to cover the following steps.

#1. Install WinRAR or 7zip
#2. Extract macOS High Sierra Image File
#3. Install VirtualBox on PC
#4. Create New Virtual Machine
#5. Edit the New Virtual Machine
#6. Edit Virtual Machine Name inside code
#7. Add VirtualBox Code to the CMD
#8. Play the Virtual Machine
#9. Perform a Clean Installation of macOS High Sierra 10.13.

So let’s get started
All the required materials are linked down below this video and you have to download them

How to Install macOS High Sierra 10 13 on VirtualBox on Windows
How to Install macOS High Sierra 10.13 on Windows on VirtualBox

Step by Step Guide:

How to Install macOS High Sierra on VirtualBox PC

Download Links:

#1. macOS High Sierra one Part

#2. macOS High Sierra 8 Parts

#3. Required Tools:

#4. VirtualBox Code:

#5. WinRAR:
#6. VirtualBox:

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  1. Luis says:

    Simply amazing, i cant say but wonders of these people, professionals and kinds…if you ever get into a build as hard like mine, don't hesitate, if you don't want to spend hours or half of you life in a hackintosh, those people are your savers…really people ho cares about their job and your worries, they know what they do and do it right, just seat back, relax and enjoy seeing these magicians doing their show…just unbelievable. Tip: if you have in mind to build something, let then advise you on the hardware, if you already have the hardware then no worry…from mi experience impossible is nothing for this guys.

    Thanks again all the team for you help and support, truly amazing.

    MoBo Asus P9X79, CPU I7 4820k, Graph Gigabyte Nvida GTX 770 4 GB, SSd Kingston 240Gb, 16Gb 4×4 Ram G.Skil….and working like a charm… All functional.

  2. setif fateh says:

    i cant' see hard drive to install ?? what can i do please answer me

  3. Darius Perminas says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have got into 98% of success. And have 2 issues: when everything is done and installed, if I remove the usb, then it won't load even if I set the primary boot device to the original disk. So, if plug USB back and change that it will load from it, it will load into the place where I would choose Load from Macintosh HD. How can I solve this?

    Another problem is that there is no Ethernet. Read that it might be my integrated card drivers be unseen. Any advice?

    My system: intel i5, ATI Radeon HD 5000

    Many thanks

  4. CGTV GFX says:

    Cool vid helped me for my laptop

  5. Omkar Ojale says:

    When black page is appread pc getting hang…m using nvidia 1030

  6. Azad Singh says:

    When I press enter on boot Mac OS X from install macOS sierra I get an ACPI error please help me

  7. Windsurfer02 // Privat says:

    I have a white stop sign on my screen what can i do?

    Intel i7
    Nvidia GeForceGTX760
    Gigabyte Mobo

  8. Dima Singer says:

    Hey, my Laptop is a latitude e5540, with an intel core i5 4300u and a HD 4400. It is possible to install a Hackintosh without a Mac?

  9. Toivo Lavikka says:

    how do i get ethernet

  10. pravin crush says:

    I don't have NVidia graphics card then what can I do??

  11. Manuche Guliver says:

    i don't get it, all my devices are apple compatible i've done the usb install exacly like you, than i've boot up on my Acer Aspire 7739 Icore3 2,53GHz 4G RAM 1333MHz Nvidea GeForce and HD Graphics 1Gi get clover boot loader, then i chose Install Sierra he starts and he reboots after a while, keeps doing this, any solution?

  12. Theminecraftgolden player says:


  13. OmenBoy says:

    Amazing video, my specs: i7 4790K, 16GB Ram, Spare 500 GB HDD for install, Radeon R9 390, ASRock z97 pro4 mobo. Will I have any issues installing this?

  14. Movies says:

    i have problem in graphics it's only 3mb in intel i3 -4160 graphics card is intel 4400 hd CPU 360GHz

  15. Gabriel Sousa says:

    can you share High Sierra (10.13) ?

  16. cobraleonardo says:

    Someone know if it works for AMD processor ?

  17. Bibek Das says:

    so if i use the first part then there is no need to download the 8 parts?

  18. Video76 says:

    i get bunch of errors. tf?

  19. Aditya Kankal says:

    Could you pls help me about this
    I had installed this because my pic is not support in Mac OS to do hackintosh that's why I wanted to do this
    So could you pls help me with this
    There is an error in Apple ID sign in error
    And could I enable nvidia graphics card in virtual machine in Mac as Mac OS high Sierra can support external gpu
    Could you pls pls try to help me pls
    As I like Mac OS very much and my Mac is not support for this so pls could you help me for this
    Pls pls !!!!!!

  20. Abas Hersi says:

    So you only need to download just one of the you mac links you provided?

  21. Oh Alice says:

    Very helpful. I have macOS High Sierra running on my Windows 7 now after following the steps. Thank you very much!

  22. Jake Trollson says:

    Anyone know why my mouse is laggy?

  23. Osama El Morsy says:

    i did everything but all it showed was a black screen
    and i forgot to close vm while i was adding code
    what i have to do now ?

  24. GastricLion 12 says:

    Im stuck in a bootloop after opening the virtual machine for first time

  25. Wicked Pissah Gamah says:

    i did everything according to your tutorial and it just boots into a UEFI shell! Please Help

  26. Krzysztof says:

    Thx, for this video. Is there any solution to run standard full hd resolution 1920×1080 ?

  27. Swift says:

    Error: No bootable medium found! System halted.

    What should I do now? Isn't the vmdk boot file? But why is this happening?? I am dead confuse with this app

  28. Bryce Hubscher says:

    i get a "version of mac OS not supported on this hardware reason i love apple"

  29. kay mitck says:

    hey man! the extracted file is corrupt…it's only 2MB, compared to window98 image, which is 6.2MB

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