How to install MacOS Sierra on PC

How to install MacOS Sierra on PC ( clean install method )

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IMPORTANT Read before installing.

Before installing be sure about your Hardware compatibility with Mac OS Sierra because not every hardware it’s Mac OS compatible.
Installing on laptop is more different, check your sound, internet and wifi compatibility. ( wifi compatibility list, some broadcom will not be supported )

For nvidia graphics 700, 900, Titan use nv_disable=1 if have boot problems.

Recommended and supported hardware:
Minimum i3 3th generation with intelHD graphics.
Nvidia GTX 200 ( as oldest ) or newer nvidia Recommended.

If Mac OS Sierra won’t boot then try with other changes in Config.Plist AND DO NOT RESET YOUR BIOS OR FLASH IT.
( i have seen on some post/guide about Mac OS Sierra many peoples flashing their BIOS before installing BUT DON’T DO THAT.
Flashing BIOS it’s NOT RECOMMENDED for Mac OS Sierra. Also Wrong Step in Flashing BIOS can kill your Motherboard )

For more information’s about supported hardware visit here:

If have some question post a comment. I hope this guide will be helpful.

Unibeast 7.0 is out you cn use to crate boot USB on more simple way also support legacy. Get unibeast from

Clover Bootloader:

Clover Configurator:
I’am using Vibrant Edition

Download kext from

How to fix nvidia Maxwell graphics in SIerra ( new way )

nvidia web driver 10.12.4 –

Alternative nvidia drivers:

Alternative nvidia drivers ( 2nd ):

Nvidia Pascal web driver beta ( nvidia 10 series ) –

For Clover Audio script visit here:

Terminal command’s:

To create Boot USB.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –nointeraction


sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\
createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –nointeraction &&say Done

To Enable Anywhere option:

sudo spctl –master-disable

To change icon size in Launchpad:

defaults write springboard-rows -int 6
defaults write springboard-columns -int 8
killall Dock

System Definitions:

( system definitions and CPU’s with core2duo and MacPro to 4.1 are not supported, MacPro 5.1 and newer are )

iMac (11.1) – LGA 1156
iMac (11.2) – LGA 1156
iMac (11.3) – LGA 1156
iMac (12.1) – LGA 1155
iMac (12.2) – LGA 1155
iMac (13.1) – LGA 1155
iMac (13.2) – LGA 1155
iMac (14.1) – i5 / i7 (haswell)
iMac (14.2) – i5 / i7 (haswell)
iMac (15.1) – i7 4790k (27 inch Retina)
iMac (16.X) – Skylake
iMac (17.X) – Skylake

MacBook Pro (6.1) – Core i5/i7
MacBook Pro (6.2) – Core i5/i7
MacBook Pro (7.1) – Core 2 Duo
MacBook Pro (8.1) – Core i5/i7 (Sandy Bridge)
MacBook Pro (8.2) – Core i7 (Sandy Bridge)
MacBook Pro (8.3) – Core i7 (Sandy Bridge)
MacBook Pro (9.1) – Core i7 (Ivy Bridge)
MacBook Pro (9.2) – Core i5/i7 (Ivy Bridge)
MacBook Pro Retina (10.1) – Core i7 (ivy Bridge)
MacBook Pro Retina (11.1) – Core i5/i7 (Haswell)
MacBook Pro Retina (11.2) – Core i7 (Haswell)

MacBook Air (5.2) – Core i5/i7 (Ivy Bridge)
MacBook Air (6.2) – i5 4250U / i7 4650U (Haswell)

Mac Mini (4.1) – BGA479
Mac Mini (5.1) – Core i5 (Sandy Bridge)
Mac Mini (6.1) – Core i7 (Ivy Bridge)

Mac Pro (5.1) – LGA 1366
Mac Pro (6.1) – Intel Xeon (Ivy Bridge-EP)
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  1. sarchibald9 says:

    can i install it on asus zenbook pro ?

  2. Eser Acar says:

    what do i have to chose if my cpu is intel pentinum(r) dual-core cpu e6300

  3. MacTalk says:

    getting this in verbose boot

    OsxAptioFix starting override:
    bla bla bla

    and the it stops and does nothing

  4. COD, And GTA V Gameplay says:

    Hello there Andrew, i have a question will i be able to boot/use macOS Sierra on these specified components?
    BIOS: InsydeH20
    Intel: i7 5500
    Graphics Card: None
    Ram: 12
    Laptop : HP Pavillion

    Here are some of my encounter while installing MacOS Sierra:
    Any tab of something i open (such as disk utility when formatting drive) the tabs get very glitchy and it gives pixel by pixel, saying its very lagg ,it looks like.
    Also if i try booting from USB it has that +++++++++ thing, which is good but like 1/2 a second later it reboots my computer. Help me please!

    Thats my difficulties, ill ask if i have any problem

  5. evalkila says:

    Hi Cat and Adrews…. The video is very good BUT i am have been hitting a lot of road blocks.
    I have read through most of the comments and I understand it is very hard to install macOS on laptop. I REALLY NEED IT ON MY MSI. I need to be able to use xcode to learn programming with Objective C .

    My laptop MSI GE62 2 QF Apache Pro i7-5700HQ 2.7 GHz NVIDIA GTX970 16GB RAM
    I have already tried Unibeast method and when i get to install it says connect keyboard.
    I tried your method. I get to run USB, apple logo appears and then after 5-10 seconds it just starts up my windows 10 Pro.

    Can you please help or direct me in the right place? Any help appreciated

  6. Fajle Rabbi says:

    i have i3 6th gen with gigabyte h110m DDR4 .. i successfully sierra installed but my desktop resolution 2048×1536 but active 1024*768 maybe intel graphics driver not installed how to install it ?? multibeast not working plz help me bro?????

  7. Nico Anthony Prayuda says:

    will apple detect us if we use it in non-apple devices?

    and what mean by "Flashing the bios"? Im not talking english, so I don't know what mean by "flashing"

  8. Ariel Ruvalcaba says:

    270x gaming k5 motherboard
    what shoud i do in multibeast?

  9. Michael Burger says:

    will it work on an i5 4460 and a ASRock B85M-DGS?

  10. salman jaim says:

    andrew I need your help….. My hakingtosh working perfect… bt i i have some audio problem …. my apple HDA fully supported on my Audio ALC 892 … for useing to 120 Commend patch…. and im also Change on EFi clover config ACPI … without Changing ACPI i cant patch Apple HDA commend … After reboot , Audio supported bt i cant play any music , video… i cant listen anything…. Help me plz

  11. talha ali says:

    hi andrew please tell that unibeast is good or clover

  12. iofema hasbi says:

    gtx 750ti working on sierra?

  13. M0NDM4NN18 says:

    after pasting the command in the terminal, i get this "you must specify both the volume and install application path."
    Can you help me?

  14. studio kabaske says:

    i have a intel core i5 6600K, a Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3-EU, Corsair Vengeance LPX – DDR4-3000 – Zwart – 16GB and a RX 470.
    Can i install hackintosh on my pc?

  15. MrMistahShadow says:

    I got everything down, once I go login it freezes. The thing is a few times it worked but my mouse didn't so what could the problem be? I've looked at numerous threads on tonymacos86 but none of them really worked for me unfortunately.. I've tried -v and it successfully went through but once I typed all my credentials it just freezes. Is there something I'm missing here? what is weird is that it'll only let me log in and use it if I put nv_disable=1 in the boot args but the aspect ratio is funky and not very usable.. I've spent the past 7 hours trying to get this to work but this one thing is stopping me, if anyone has an idea please tell me, I'm very desperate

    Mobo: B75M-D3V
    CPU: i5 3470
    RAM: 4GB 1600MHz
    GPU: GT 610

    EDIT: MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

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