How to Install TAILS on a USB for Mac OS X

Tutorial on how to install TAILS on a Mac.
Tested on Macbook Pro Mid 2010 and 2015.
Works with TAILS 2.4!
Some have reported issues with wifi not working! This may be fixed with use of a wifi adapter.

I tried many other methods to install Tails on Mac, but this is the only way that I could get to work.

3.5GB+ Storage device (USB stick, SD card, etc.) I said 2GB+ in the video, but the TAILS installer requires 3.5GB+


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  1. raudh1 says:

    I 've tried 1 Million times to install tails without any results until I watch your video !

  2. Why PHi says:

    I did everything as you did, from formatting my USB stick to installation, but when I get to Tails Installer, and plug back in my USB I get nothing showing up in the drop down.

    When i do plug the USB back in I get a box that says "New External Device Detected" and gives me the choice of Mac or Tails.
    I've chosen both, initially choosing Tails first, and no change, nothing appears in the drop down list for me to pick.

    I've tried googling before I commented, but I seem to be on an island unto myself with this.
    Had I not followed the exact same steps I wouldn't be as lost.

  3. Susan Johann says:

    Great. Only $80 for Parallels.

  4. Udi Falkson says:

    Thanks! Standard instructions didn't work.

  5. SnowballVlogs says:

    how do you get it into persistent mode

  6. Louis Bennette says:

    is parallels not free? and if not what program can you use that is free

  7. jackedupwhiteboy says:

    why dont i have a wifi option. i am trying to connect to the internet but tails doesnt let me

  8. jackedupwhiteboy says:

    I cant access my usb flash drive on virtual box

  9. Charlotte Rees says:

    Mine gets to the 3 loading dots and seems to freeze on the last loading dot and can't get passed this.. any ideas?

  10. John Yu says:

    Thanks for the video. This was so much easier than the one provided by the website and it didn't crash my MacBook either.

  11. UncleKai64 says:

    After installation on the USB, when I try to boot from it the screen freezes after I press enter to enter tails. Any fix?

  12. asle bjordal says:

    use only lan J45, No need wifi for it a must get into network there.

  13. asle bjordal says:

    How to Install TAILS on a SSD for Mac OS X ! , You can do!

  14. JojoCaldwell14 says:

    great tutorial 🙂

  15. Connor Watson says:

    For a free installation without Parrallels download VirtualBox and add Tails OS to it. Erase the USB drive and in Tails OS on the Virtual Machine go to the top of the screen and choose device. Click USB and choose your drive.

  16. Sclusive says:

    Can I just run tails through a virtual machine and have the same effect as running it from a usb?

  17. Jack Bennett says:

    will an ethernet cable work instead of wifi adapter?

  18. Anthony Bogucki says:

    Thank you for the video, your method was the only one to fully work for me.

    The only issue I'm running into is that there seems to be no way for me to connect to my wifi. There isn't any option for it in the far-right menu and I can't seem to configure anything in the network section of settings. I can't seem to figure it out, I thought maybe setting up the persistent storage would work but still nothing. Any ideas?

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