How to install Windows 8 1 on a Mac running OS X Mavericks

For more info see If my video helps you please like it. This video will show you how to install Windows 8 1 on a Mac running OS X Mave…
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  1. Sci.Diy says:

    Which windows 8 preview on your site do I need, and what will that limit me
    to if I use the preview?

  2. Ramon Cisneros says:

    It says that I need 28 gb of free storage on my flash drive? I’m using a
    Macbook pro Retina 2013

  3. Shoudy Chen says:

    Can this be downloaded from iMac?

  4. LeGenD Gaming says:

    Is this temporary

  5. MrSpencerprime says:

    Hi 123myIT,

    I was just about about to bootcamp my Mac running Mavericks, but I just
    have one simple question. When running Windows 8.1, do you have to keep the
    USB containing the support drivers plugged in? Thanks for the great
    tutorial by the way.

  6. britt melo says:

    Help! I’m on a mid 2010 macbook pro.
    I want to download Windows 8.1 so I downloaded the Windows 8.1 Pro Student
    off the microsoft website. I then realized it’s just an .exe file to
    download and a product key. If I download your preview of 8.1 here and do
    the bootcamp will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro Student with my
    download and key on my windows side? 

  7. talking pierre and game says:

    Is it free?

  8. Dulmith Pitigalage says:

    Will all the data and the applications be deleted if i download windows 8.1
    using bootcamp?

  9. XRDrey says:

    ok? alright? :P

  10. IzboGaming - Gaming, Graphics & More! says:

    when is says install windows 7 in bootcamp, does it mean a full legit
    version of win 7?

  11. Glen sheary says:

    can i install windows onto a usb flash drive instead? or does it have to be
    cd? and before i start this i own a 2010 macbook unibody running latest
    mavericks so will that be ok?

  12. JOHNNY DEPP says:

    When I press Apply on the partition stage, it starts checking the catalog
    hierarchy etc. and then it comes up with a message saying ‘partition
    failed, couldn’t modify partition map because file system verification
    failed’ please help

  13. vviren2 says:

    windows 8.1 started properly,thank you for it 🙂
    you have got a great and helpful channel,thankyou for it.
    i had one question i dont know why i cant connect to wifi,i cant see the
    wifi connections too,i dont know whta to do, please help! +123myIT

  14. jonathon lee toas says:

    Hi Guys thank you so much for that it was so helpful, especially the
    preview iso images! You may have just saved me buying a new PC. I have a
    question I was hoping you could help with if you have time, the iso files
    are for the pro version could you buy the student version from microsoft
    and use the product key they send you with the iso file from your website?
    Thank you and all the best.

  15. Hillen Carbuccia says:

    hi, when i reachthe step at 10:00 min i get a pop up window that reads :
    windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupt or missing.
    Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the
    installation. Error code: 0x80070570

    from there what do i do? how do i check if all files are available for
    installation? i tried a second time and this time it doesn’t even get me to
    that page. i get to the step at 9:33min but it doesn’t let me select the
    partition 4 saying that its a different format. something like GTP or
    something, don’t remember. i did format it several times but i keep getting
    the same error message. it cannot be installed or wtv in that partition
    anymore. its no longer called bootcamp, its called partition 4. HELP!

  16. FrostBiteS129 says:

    Hi there, I just had some problem during the installation on the bootcamp.
    It says that the installer disc cannot be found. I’m using usb.

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