How to Install Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp

How to Install Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp

Subscribe – A quick step-by-step tutorial on How To Install Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp using cd/dvd or iso. The ideal solution for people wanting to game on their Mac’s or use Windows only applications.

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Note: This tutorial will work for all Mac’s running OS X – Retina Macbook Pro’s, Macbook Air’s, iMac’s and Mac Pro’s etc.

If you have any questions or issues while following this video please leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. Alexia Kamiya says:

    Thanks, it's work here 🙂

  2. Dank Sans says:

    thanks m8
    it helped me alot 🙂

    i got windows 10 running

  3. zach schwanke says:

    can uuse a iso image?

  4. Harambe says:

    I have one quesion. How can I install Nvida Drivers I have seen people do it and I want to know

  5. Jermiah Honorable says:

    That's cool how Apple allows Windows to share with each other.

  6. Canal Incorreto says:

    Who do I get mac back?

  7. PandaDoesYoutube says:

    are you able to get back to mac osx? can you still run mac apps? Does your files from the mac save?

  8. TheJizz Doctor says:

    Every time I'm at the boot camp trying to install windows, it says I need the install disk, but I have USB? I don't know why PLEASE HELP!


    im on a mac mini (late 2012)….

    trying to boot up 8.1

    I have TBolt – – VGA display setup, and when Windows attempts to boot I can not see anything.

    Do I really have to go out and buy an HDMI screen or TV??

  10. NS Atlantics says:

    How can i remove it?

  11. Covin Soran says:

    Dude I did exactly the things u did and now my computer is saying "windows can't be started" what do I do plz help!!!!!

  12. ScootalooAndSweetieBelle says:

    Can you talk omg please

  13. Oskars Izaks says:

    How to reduce heat?
    Even at idle, on OSX temps are 40C (104F), and fans are quiet. VERSUS bootcamp 65C (150F) + sound of boeing takeoff.
    From where that heat comes from?
    Any fan controls are not an option, they are already at idle making 6000rpm. If they don't, temps would be even higher.
    Any solutions, hacks?

  14. Bass Boostah says:

    i Really dont know, im scared, what if i mess it up, and cant get back to os?

  15. Elzat Erken says:

    Uyghur? Does it have Uyghur System for windows 7?

  16. ChaosMF says:

    Is this ideal for windows gaming on Mac?

  17. LordEvil22 - GC2012 says:

    Quick question. I just wanted make sure I got this right, but when you install the partition you can switch between both Mac and Windows OS and have different programmes on each one? I'm getting a Macbook Pro for my graphics course at uni and I wanted the Mac half for uni and course stuff, and the Windows half for gaming.

  18. Azure Starlight says:

    worked for me 🙂  ty

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