How to Install/Run OS X El Capitan on an unsupported Mac Pro

How to Install/Run OS X El Capitan on an unsupported Mac Pro

This is how to install Mac OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” on an unsupported Mac Pro. In this video, I use a Mac Pro 1,1 (that has been flashed to 2,1 firmware). To do this, you’ll need another Mac that supports El Capitan, an upgraded graphics card for your Mac Pro, and an 8 GB or larger USB drive to use as the El Capitan installer. You’ll also need a modified version of boot.efi, which you can download here:

Mac OS X Bootable USB Drive Creator:

The command you need to run in Terminal to make the bootable El Capitan USB drive is:

sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ –volume /Volumes/elcap –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ –nointeraction

(You’ll need to make sure that “Install OS X El” is located in your Applications folder for this command to work.)
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  1. Davo Music says:

    Thanks Man, it works for me on my mac pro 1.1. is it possible to install the updates in the app store ?

  2. Gavin Turner says:

    Next time change the backgrounds for the different macs so we don't have confusion. Just a little tip 🙂

  3. Jose Antonio GT says:

    How long it will take to boot up the first time??

  4. bruno3833 says:

    Can you install anything higher then Lion on early 2008 Macbook without supported Mac?

  5. TechGuy2005 says:

    will a gt 730 work?

  6. Newjacknino says:

    Ok finally had everything running correctly but i left and came back to a green screen with black vertical lines what do I do?

  7. Gregory A. Tucker says:

    Out of the many video's I've watched, yours by far is the best in getting it done.. Awesome job at explaining. Thank you!

  8. the boss gamer 123 says:

    do you have a download for capitan

  9. GabakUSA Free computer training says:

    I have done all that but in a SSD, and it still does not boot. all I need is the ?? icon.
    I did not replace the video card, do you think maybe the Mac Pro wont work with SSD or is it because the video card.
    thanks your time

  10. deon gholston says:

    dosdude1 gratefull for your stuff…. i have mac pro 2 tower and have a sad that i loaded up per your instructions… i get a chime on start but never anything to the display… the little blu light on display never flashes blue like it supposed to… the video card is a nvidia quadro fx 380…. any ideas

  11. Harold Vann says:

    I'm installing El Capitan on a MBP 6,2 I used diskmaker 6 to create the USB installer when I go install it on the unsupported MBP it call home and tells me this software can not be installed on this computer. Where did I go wrong? Any help will be appreciated.

  12. Gustavo Manuel Guerrero Perez Guerrero Perez says:

    You do not want to sell me the macbook

  13. Furindanga Diaz says:

    Hi I can pass this error in the instalation "an error occurred while trying to extract the package essencials.pkg" pleassee heelpp!

  14. GabakUSA Free computer training says:

    I got Mac Pro 2008
    can I install Sierra doing the same system?

  15. Dunamis Recording Studio says:

    hi, I was able to run the installer of the OS El capitan in my Mac Pro but when it is in 7 minutes to finish, it stop and says 'An error occurred while extracting files from the package 'Essentials.pkg' and I have to restart, please help me….pleasee

  16. nitz152 says:

    can I upgrade my MacBook ( White ) 10.5.8 1gb memory to El Capitan

  17. Todd Young says:

    I'm having a tough time … have followed your instructions but when i hold option dawn and boot never get tone or screen to come back up… just black screen. Does graphics card need to be in certain slot?

  18. everfresh59 says:

    Can I create a bootable version of El Capitan using a 2015 MacBook Pro running Sierra? or will I risk losing us functions and other problems?

  19. jaap berends says:

    what graphics card are you using in your mac pro? I'm searching for a good one. Tried 2 nvidea cards but didn't get them to work. gt710 I think I need one with external powersupply?

  20. Ihab Ahmed says:

    when will it be available to public to upgrade

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