How to make Windows 8 look EXACTLY like Mac OS X Yosemite

Hey guys. This is the update to my previous video.
You can make your computer look like this by checking out my PDF.

To download all the programs I’m using in one go, click here –

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  1. b i z z a r e MSP says:


  2. Dominic Erbacher says:

    'Windows to is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.'
    Thanks for promoting a virus, M8

  3. Laura Hollands MSP says:

    Can this work on Windows 10 too? I'm also pretty suspicious that it's a virus. The last time I downloaded something similar to this but a different layout, it gave me chaos! At first I was happy about it, as it looked like a mac but then t was downloading these random things. I tried to go to control panel and do it but it would say that something else was downloading and would show me a progress bar. the progress bar said it will take "487 hours to complete uninstallation" when I didn't click anything to uninstall so it kept downloading things and I couldn't uninstall it or stop it. So I tried to open Chrome to quickly search how to stop a virus but it said "The page can't  be displayed" then a pop-up came. My mouse suddenly moved to click the download button, I was getting Keylogged. My parents were so angry at me, they told me not to install ANYTHING and I really love MacBooks. I'm seeing your video now and I want to install it but I want to follow my parents too because if there's another virus then I cant fix it by myself. What should I do, install that theme or follow my parents?

  4. Šimon Varga says:

    does this work on Windows 7?

    (sorry for bad english)

  5. LuigiBros says:

    In my life I had seen such a boring video.

  6. Mandip Majhi says:

    how to install it I have download file from site you provided..

  7. Unruly Bae says:

    this was really easy thank you ^~^!

  8. heather videos says:

    does this delete all my files?

  9. Tech USA says:

    Does facetime and messages work at all?

  10. BunnyYT - Agario says:

    how to install??

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