How To Restore Mac Computer Tutorial | Delete Data | Fresh Install

How To Restore Mac Computer Tutorial | Delete Data | Fresh Install

Here a quick tutorial on how to wipe all the data and information you have on you mac computer. This will work for all macintosh computers!

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In this video I’ll show you how to thoroughly uninstall all Kodi files from your Apple Mac computer or Macbook Pro laptop.

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  1. jeremifrancisco1 says:

    What's the difference between Macintosh HD drive and the recovery drive? Please reply to me, I'm such a dummy when it comes to this. Thank you.

  2. RIO BEATS says:

    hi i buy macbook air and the is passworde i cant reset mac why ?

  3. WGT 2123 says:

    Mine is mountain lion and it doesn't work how pls help me

  4. Brynn Weisser says:


  5. Sweettt Honey says:

    can u get back the delited data ???

  6. LIVING GOD says:


  7. ML Sonko says:

    it shows nothing man

  8. ML Sonko says:

    help mi plxx

  9. ML Sonko says:

    man i did something wrong wen i ws reseting mine……. i deleted the rong stuff now my mac shows a the globe map when i press command r

  10. Draven Martin says:

    the recovery hard drive doesn't show up for me someone help

  11. joan joy says:

    I forgot my pass ward ,how should i unlock my computer

  12. StalkingLight says:


  13. ONNIT BULLY says:

    i'm not getting recovery drive on iMac

  14. Ariana Cortes says:

    +JrTech after i put my apple id its says THIS ITEAM IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE plzzzz helpppp meeeee!!!!

  15. ILoveCheese says:

    Thanks for the help! Saved me a trip to the apple store.

  16. ryan zavaczki says:

    That was amazing help !!! Thanks man

  17. rd11 says:

    If i did this, would my macbook pro be faster than it was before, because mine now is abit slow. And if i did this restore its gonna come back faster right? 

  18. Cocologo says:

    Thanks for the help !!!!

  19. Vladimir Amador says:

    Hey question my donsent show any recovery hard drive ? 

  20. Sound Slammer says:

    Finally someone who isn't trying to sell anything! Great video thank you :)

  21. David Gonzalez says:


  22. Victor Howard says:

    Thank you good job

  23. John Flanagan says:

    A clear concise video. Pity other would not follow your example. Thank you

  24. Brielle Purnell says:

    worked perfectly

  25. EXL HVAC says:

    you are a genius

  26. Appolous says:

    Thanks a lot, Worked well

  27. Pedro Silva says:

    thank you

  28. Dougal McGuire says:


  29. luis2forty says:

    theres no go

  30. Anna Highlander says:

    Thanks so much! Life saver!

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