How to Run Windows 10 on a Mac Using VirtualBox

How to run Windows 10 on a Apple Mac Computer for free using VirtualBox Software.

In this video I am going to be installing Windows 10 but you can also use this tutorial to install Windows 7 or 8 as well. I primarily use a Mac on my computer most of the time but occasionally I need to access Windows 10 on a PC so I can just open the software inside the Mac and literally switch on the Windows 10 in the PC.

Two Things you are going to need is:

1. Virtual Box software which is free of charge and free download
2. You’re also going to need the Windows 10 software which I already downloaded here. The download links are below:

You can download VirtualBox from this link.

You can create a Windows 10 64-bit ISO tool by using the media creation tool on the Microsoft website.

There are two ways that you can run Windows 10 on a Mac. The first way is you can install virtualization software so when you switch the Apple Mac on it will ask you if you want to use Mac or Windows 10.

The second way in which I’m going to show you in this video is to have Windows 10 run as a virtual machine inside the Mac. This is really handy for me.

-So the first thing we’re going to do is download the VirtualBox software. What we want is VirtualBox OSX Host so we are going to click on that link and follow the prompts.

-Click Install and type in your username password for your Mac and that should install the VirtualBox software. Click on Close.

-You then click on your applications folder and you will see that it is now installed on your computer. It will then take you to the Welcome VirtualBox homepage. The first thing we want to do is click on NEW because we’re going to create our Windows 10 device.

-In the name boxes you can type in ‘Windows 10 PC’. It will then give you a dropdown box of the version of Windows you want to use so you are not limited to Windows 10 you can choose Windows 8 or Windows 7 , Windows Vista device within your . I’m going to choose Windows 10 64-bit and then click continue.

-It’s now asking me to choose the amount of memory I want to allocate to the Windows 10 virtual machine. I am going to choose 4GB which is actually 4096. Click to continue. It does show you the recommended memory as 2GB but it could run quite slowly at 2GB.

-Next it will say click on a virtual hard disk now and going to keep this VirtualBox disk image. For the storage on the physical hard disk I’m going to choose ‘Dynamically Located” because we are probably going to save some disk space. Click Continue. Under File Location and Size we are going to leave the name Windows 10 PC and I’m going to choose 50GB so I will create a 50GB Hard disk. Hit Create.

-So we’ve not created the Windows 10 Virtual Machine but it’s a blank PC so now what we need to do is get the windows software installed. (which we downloaded earlier)

-Click on Start at the top of this box and then we need to browse to our Windows 10 software. Once we find it Click on Open and then Start.

-So the virtual machine is now open and it is almost like having a Physical PC. We are now going to install Windows 10.

-Click on Next and then Install.

-Accept the License terms and click on Next. On the next screen choose ‘Custom’ and then Next.

-It is now going to install Windows 10. It may take a little while to install. It’s now installed so we just need to customize it with your name, etc. It will guide you through a series of prompts including setting up an account for the Windows PC.

-Then click next and it will boot up and you are now in the Windows 10 PC. We now have a fully functioning Virtual PC.

What I now do is run a Windows 10 PC inside of my Apple Mac computer. This saves me time and money and it’s also free to do. in the video below, I’ll show you just how to do this.

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  1. Anam Khan says:

    You allocated 4GB of memory to the virtual machine. How much memory do you have on your mac. I have a macbook air with 8GB memory. Would it be better for me to allocate only 2GBs or should I also allocate 4GB?
    I dont want my normal mac OS to run slowly.

  2. KyleFazza says:

    Thanks OMG THANKS

  3. hunter jacobs says:

    could i use this to play games on steam ?

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