How to type in arabic in word (Mac Microsoft Office)

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  1. Dmzjhg Ocarxip says:

    Friends who wanna to upgrade the office can have a look at firstly, works like a charm.

  2. Sabeer V says:


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  3. Amru says:

    genius !

  4. sarper yilmaz says:

    I don't know why but it works !! This is great, thanks very much. However it works only for the document you created. But the good news is that if you copy a word from the document you created by the aforementioned method and paste to another document, this document becomes "infected" 🙂 and permits you to write in arabic letters as well.

  5. Naeema Halim says:

    but how to write in arabic? i chose arabic from language but still its being typed in english

  6. Munazzah Akhtar says:

    Thanks a lot… I was struggling and was unable to find a solution for this prob for some time. This video is a big help!

  7. Ram Jee says:

    Allah bless you, my dear Brother, you helped me a lot. Great video great!!!!!!

  8. Faizal Hamizat says:

    excuse me, how to download add in quran in microsoft word?

  9. master vivi says:

    thank you that helped

  10. Eduardo F says:

    Thank you!!! Excellent.

  11. Sahar Aboulwafa says:

    thank you very much.. it works great (Y)
    do you know how to type in arabic in Excel??

  12. Isa Qureshi says:

    شكرا جزيلا

  13. Mic Mica says:

    If you can't talk and explain in a professional manner, then don't post and waste people's time. You can type in advance, if you have trouble talking. Your way is too old fashion.

  14. abdel karim says:

    thanks a lot, you made my day in the office <3 jazaka allah khayran

  15. Knowledge then Judgment العلم ثم الحكم says:

    جزاك الله خير

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