How To Uninstall Programs On a Windows and a MAC Operating System

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Removing a program from your PC’s system isn’t exactly like rocket science. In fact, it isn’t hard at all. However, if you are a beginner at computers and technology, here are a few tips to help you remove unwanted programs from your computer.


First of all, people uninstall programs either because the programs don’t work or they just want to remove it.


If you are a Windows user, here’s how to remove programs on Windows:


Go to start and click “Control Panel”.


Once control panel opens, look under “Programs” and there should be only one option you can click on, and that is: Uninstall a Program. This is the uninstall tool for those who have Windows as their operating system, or OS.


Once you click this, you will then see all of the programs you have installed into your computer system. The programs are usually arranged in alphabetical order, so you can easily look for the one you want to remove from your PC.


Once you have found the program you want removed, just simply click on it once. You don’t need to right-click or double-click. Click on it once, and then, you should see the word “Uninstall” appear on the top, next to “Organize”.


All you have left to do now is to click that particular button. The program’s uninstaller will appear and all you have to do is just keep clicking “Next” until there’s no more “Next” button. You will be notified once the file has successfully been removed.


If you are using an Apple desktop or laptop, here’s how to remove programs on a MAC OS:


You can easily just drag an unwanted program to the trash and it will automatically delete it for you. However, it will leave a few files, which should be no problem at all, because if, somehow, you would want to install that particular file into your PC again, you can immediately do so, since not all of the files were erased.


If you want everything, including the files, removed, you may use an uninstall tool called the AppCleaner.


First, you have to download AppCleaner from the internet. You can simply search for it on any search engine website.


Once you have downloaded AppCleaner, open it and click on “Applications”. Then, you should be able to see a list of all the applications installed into your PC or laptop.


Look for the application you want erased. Once you have found it, simply click on the empty square or check box. Next, click on the search button, which is the tiny magnifying glass located on the top, middle right corner of the window. This will then look for all of the files related to the application you want to remove.


The next thing you have to do now is just click on the “Delete” button at the bottom, right corner next to “Cancel”. This will then remove everything you have selected, including the files related to it. Once it is done deleting everything, you can close AppCleaner and just empty out the trash to really get rid of the application and other files.


How to remove multiple programs at once?


It is impossible with the current tools of Mac and Windows to remove and erase applications at once. You, sadly, need to have a lot of patience and remove them one by one. However, if you have the money, you can purchase an uninstall tool online that can do exactly that.

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