How To Use Windows Applications on a Mac: WIne/WineBottler

USE PIVOT STICK FIGURE FOR MAC! or you know ezvid, bandicam, or fraps. But seriously you have Quicktime Pro with mac.

Step 1: Download Xquartz, (I didn’t do this in this video because I had it already). Then Go to This website, and click the download button, once that’s done wait FOREVER for you to actually download it. It takes like 1 minute so tweedle your thumbs in the mean time, or do something productive like listen to DUBSTEP! WUB WUB WUB….okay in all seriousness proceed to step two

Step 2: drag the applications wine and wine bottler into your applications folder. This step isn’t that difficult I MEAN IT’S NOT BRAIN SCIENCE OR ROCKET SURGERY HERE, just take it AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Also while your at it, eat some carbohydrates because it takes a huge amount of energy to drag your mouse over your desktop, so replenish that expended energy with calories…unless you have a health problem or you’re on a diet. (Note GalacticsTutorials is not responsible for anything stupid that you do to yourself or your stuff)

Step 3: Open wine bottler and wine, this step is a little bit more complicated if you’re someone like me who gets confuzzled about overly simplistic tasks, try not to click it 50 times like I stupidly did in the video and got “technical difficulties” after that install whatever applications you want under the installation suggestions (a.k.a skip that) then just open your windows application or your .exe program and PRESTO you can use windows applications on your mac.

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Thank for subscribing and if you didn’t than be a cool kid/guy/thing and subscribe. However, I just wanted to say that I hope my videos are getting a bit more professional, I’ve sent in a partnership application because I met the average requirements, and I’ve also ordered a capture card a few days ago. I hope this will cause me to be a bit more professional and better your viewing experience. If you don’t like the way I talk or do stuff in the video please correct me, I can’t criticize myself. Thanks for watching and I will see you next time.

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  1. Andrew Patterson says:

    How are you supposed to open a .exe file to install this program, when a separate program is needed to run a .exe file?

    If I could run a .exe file, I would not need this program in the first place.

  2. LWGaming&More says:


  3. Pritam Wagh says:

    is this authorised for the Mac OS or not

  4. bubbagotgame says:

    OBS Studio

  5. luck blockstntFUN says:


  6. Future Dude Perfect says:

    Fuck me I messed it up

  7. XxJayTechxX says:

    OBS !

  8. SluggaRaptor says:

    All I use it for is steam

  9. derick gabriel says:

    I need help cracker the OriginLab 8.1 in through CrossOver Mac . Would you help me ?

  10. thatoneguywhowatchesyouthroughyourwindowwhileyousleepandwhileyouwerereadingthisstoleyourcookies says:

    Anyone else here from Game Theory?

  11. Agent Fox says:

    dxtory 🙂

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