How unauthorized idiots repair Apple laptops.

● Soldering Iron:
● Preferred tip: Fine: Flat: GPU wicking:
● Micro Soldering Pencil:
● Micro soldering tip:
● Quick 861DW hot air station(UNDER 0):
● Microscope & LED light:
● CHEAP Microscope:
● Flux:
● Solder paste:
● Tweezers:
● On-Screen multimeter: Setup guide: Probes:
● Fume Extractor:
● Solder:
● Desoldering wick/braid: — JESSA JONES’ FAVORITE WICK!
● Crest CP500D Ultrasonic cleaner:
● Branson EC cleaning fluid:
● Jumper wire THIN: THICK:
● Nitrile gloves:
Bench PSU: Agilent 6542

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✖ Tutoring Service:
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✖ Boardview software used:
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● Work camera:
● Home camera:
● Work microphone:
● Home microphone:
● Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find.
● HDMI capture:

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  1. Louis Rossmann says:

    Thank you to everyone who made a purchase on eBay via our affiliate link at for helping support this type of content, and as always, I hope you learned something!

  2. Ri oh69 says:

    3:42 you clearly never been around Spanish people. Everything they say sounds like an intense argument.

  3. Thorbjørn Kühl says:

    I’d use you in a heartbeat, except if my repair was under warranty and I’d get a new computer out of it. But you’re obviously much smarter at electronics than the typical repair person, you would be better suited creating rather than fixing.

  4. Uffe Nimbe says:

    Haha I’m no “tech head”, and I don’t have a f-ing clue what it is you’re doing to the hardware. But I don’t care, this content is hilarious. Love it ! Cheers from Sweden !

  5. ironman tooltime says:

    You da man 😁

  6. ahmed tayyab says:

    What's the logic for using a zero ohm resister when a simple conducting path can do the trick. Or they incorporate these design features deliberately to get more money out from the pocket of consumers.

  7. EyeScream ! says:

    Is it mandatory they erase all my data?! 😭

  8. Anuraag Reddy says:

    I don't know what you do but you're wasting your time repairing man. Your analytical reasoning is infallible.

  9. Jeremy Cook says:

    Isn't a 0 Ohm resistor just a diode?

  10. Aidan Knoll says:

    1:12 Lies! That's not OpenOffice…

  11. U Hu says:

    Fucking hell you’re smart

  12. Outputradio1 says:

    your good brother

  13. Vengeful Angel says:

    What if the problem was only a fuse….Do I then refuse to replace it. From fear of becoming a idiot.

  14. Randy Guidry says:

    Louis; you should absolutely consider it an honor to NOT be considered an authorized technician since they only employ mindless drones to repeat the same old script day after day creating the cash cow that Apple service has become in recent years. The negative comments are from what I believe are the artsy fartsy libtards that have taken over this country. They can no longer use their brains for critical thinking. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK my man. Really like watching the video; trying to absorb everything I can.

  15. Mladen Marincic says:

    The most satisfying subscribe ever 😀

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