HP Vs. Apple For Laptops | Tech Bet | CNBC

HP has shown off a stylish new laptop, but can it compete with Apple’s products? CNBC’s Dominic Chu and Fosterly founder Adam Zuckerman discuss.
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HP Vs. Apple For Laptops | Tech Bet | CNBC

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  1. Darkling 898 says:

    HP has been beating Apple in terms of power to… I just looked up my laptop specs with their Macbook from the same year (2009), and mine blew it out of the park with the exception of graphics.

    I have a AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual Core clocked at 2.4 gigahertz with 2 mb of cach, and two threads per core, a 1600×900 17.3 inch display, and 2 gigabytes of graphics memory AMD Radeon HD 1200 graphics, with 230 dedicated, 4 gigabytes of RAM standard, a 468 gigabyte HDD at 7200 RPM, and a internal bluray player.

    The 2009 Macbook Pro, 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 3MB on-chip shared L2 cache, 2 gigabytes of RAM thats upgradeable to 4, 1280×720 13.3 inch screen, and Nvidia graphics with 256 of dedicated.

    My HP was more powerful, but 900 dollars, while that laptop was around 1200 bucks new, but… that laptop was 4.2 pounds, and mine is close to 8, so… a little less powerful for the weight, totaly understandable. I don't agree with Apples form of user support, as they are of the opinion – you break it, we fix it, oh wait, you can't fix it. HP has their own support forum where you work with peers to find the issue, you no longer can upgrade your laptop yourself, i just replaced by 4 gigs of RAM, I have a hardware diagnostic tool built into my BIOS, and a BIOS back flash, while at Apple you have to bring it in to get it diagnosed.

    So, with luxury, there are its ups and down. While Apple is aesthetically pleasing, they treat those who buy their laptops horribly, as a repair that requries tear 3-4 will have you choak up 720 for a simple repair, if you need a repair for your motherboard sensors, they replace it. Also, don't forget, they don't want you to keep your Mac for more than 4 years, because after year 4, and something breaks they won't fix it, as 4 years its obsolete, within 7 years its vintage. My HP is still not quiet obsolete in terms of power, and reliability, HP still offers my drivers, and repair disk (they don't have any in stock so they have to make one).

    So, who is better in my opinion, HP… Apple is nice, they have good software, but lack in terms of customer support, products lasting, repair-ability, and most of all – any microsoft software not supported, including a large amount of open source software through both Microsoft and Linux.

    That is my opinion, and yours is your own. I'm just pointing out the facts, as how their laptops use to meet in 2009, and how most laptops are now on par in terms of repair-ability, and power, as the thinner the laptop gets, the harder it is for a end user such as my self to repair.

  2. Amy Fisher says:


  3. Prem Kumar says:

    hp is best

  4. Prem Kumar says:

    hp is best

  5. Memo Relok says:

    the apple macbook 2016 is a joke, looks like a toy when compares to the HP damm sexy spectre gosh i want that thiing… oh well. xd

  6. Tim Headley says:

    The macbook does NOT have a 4k display. Its only a 2304 x 1440, not 3840 x 2160 (4k).

  7. Archie says:

    They make ergonomically beautiful laptop, but keyboard sucks!

  8. Cyberslug1 says:

    Apple is worthless. They put 1 to 3 generation old CPU's & GPU's in their new computers !!!
    Their under powered and overpriced compared to PC Laptops !!!
    They don't even have a touch screen !!! WTF
    This HP is really nice I would never buy it, No 4K or even 2K screen and no touch screen.

  9. Bill Haofei Gong says:

    Thinnest laptop ever created is Dell Adamo XPS with it's thickest point of 9.99mm. Some "expert" out there, huh.

  10. Ezio Auditore says:

    Eminem's dad!

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