IDIOTS Go Computer Shopping! We Bought iMacs!

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Today we finally upgraded from our 720p PC laptops to full HD 21.5in iMac computers! The PC’s have given us a lot of problems over the years with crashing during an edit or disconnecting during an upload. Even with security and regular cleaning, they simply could not handle 1080p 60fps videos. That’s why we have been saving everything in 50fps. If we were saving a video, there was no way we could do anything else on the PC because it would crash 🙁

So we joined the dark side and made the switch to Apple computers. As you can tell we have no clue how to use them! But…. this video you are watching was completely edited using the new iMacs with iMovie!

Normally a 10 minute video takes an hour and a half to save after an edit, this took 10 minutes to save!!!!

So already we are blown away with the performance!

Our next video will go further into detail on the new cameras we just bought to replace the ones we bought a few weeks ago. These cameras are definitely amazing!

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  1. ii_ Cryptize says:

    Bro you got a fan and new sub!

  2. ShallowFace - Overwatch And More! says:

    how do you trade a shitty laptop for a imac tell me that

  3. Brennan Ball says:

    That was the most awkward way to unbox a mac 😂😂

  4. Lim Zhiqiang says:

    fuck imac,u can get a better pc for the price of an imac

  5. EdgyMemer says:

    obviously they are good for editing people say that it is true but people feel its better cause its price on a fully maxed out mac book you can save almost $3000 Canadian if you were to buy the parts yourself

  6. BIGSPIN says:

    Wow you guys really are idiots if you bought the base model with the 5400rpm hard drive lol

  7. Super Gaming says:

    you should have bought a gaming pc they are cheaper and better

  8. NK Mage says:

    How many Hz?, guessing 144Hz

  9. BLAZINGSUN230 says:

    What do you mean the dark side lol apple is not the dark side that’s hp

  10. florin daniel popescu says:

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  11. PixelBlocked says:

    OMG! OMG!

    He’s afraid of the Macintosh Bong!

  12. Caitlin MSP says:

    Macbook or Windows?

    Get to pick whatever for Valentines day (My birthday!!)

  13. SuperSaiyanIntros says:

    Invest some money into a good PC and then tell us that their bad…

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