iMac won’t install OS 10.6 or 10.7 Lion

I was running snow leopard just fine when I decided to upgrade to Lion. Durning the install lion messed up and continues to error upon installation every time. So I thought well let me try to reinstall snow leopard and it is giving an error as well. I have run disk utility a few times and it says my HD is ok so I am just not sure what to do anymore other than just take it to the apple store finally.
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  1. kerry butters says:

    Make sure your country flag is showing in top right corner.

  2. Bellaprint, Design, Print & Embroidery says:

    Make sure you are using the original Installation disc that came with the mac. that was my problem, I was using the disc from other mac I have. : )

  3. Richard Jones says:

    Hi Joe did you find a fix for this eventually i'm getting the same thing

  4. Nathan Scott says:

    Same Problem Here on a MB138LL/A 1.86 Ghz Intel core 2 duo, 500GB,4 Ram Cant install Snow leopard via OEM Disks

  5. streetteam908 says:

    Stupid fuck

  6. Joe Willis says:

    there backup disks for the time capsule if there the grey ones you'll have to purchase the snow leopard full 10.6.3 retail install disk boxed copy from apple's site or ebay

    hope this helps 🙂

  7. Immanuel Mio says:

    Did you find out any solution for this problem?

  8. jaydon cornelius says:

    Do you have an iMac g5 from 2005 or the first intel based?

  9. nelly taylor says:

    hey jjdaven did u fixed your mac…if did please help meout i have the same problem with my mac won't let me install Help me how to fixed thank you

  10. Sharmandar says:

    It's easy from safe mode update software then install

  11. nick mac says:

    when ur in disk utility select Macintosh HD Right button click on it and press unmount

  12. Tarantula604 says:

    jjdaven, back up your valuable info and swipe your hdd clean (remove the partitions) once they are removed, create a new mac partition and install lion on that. If you have multiple os's, then just remove the mac partition. If you need help, message me.

  13. Tarantula604 says:

    @Rise0rdie don't listen to this goofball

  14. BeerExpedition says:

    You need to boot from the Macintosh HD with 10.6.8 copy the installer into the Applications folder and run it from there. Thats the only way I'v been able to do it. You cant boot off an external HD.

  15. NetherMind V says:

    @jjdaven Hey man what's on you Macintosh HD? I would need to know what exactly happened when you were upgrading. If that error keeps popping up then maybe all your updates were not current? But anyway your OSx should still be on the Mac HD snow leopard that is. Have you tried booting from the Mac HD?

  16. Joe D. says:

    @Rueffilicious So do you think if I just bought another larger hard drive. Installed it in my iMac and then install Lion on that new drive? Also do you think I could recover the data from my old drive into the imac once it is running?

  17. Rueffilicious says:

    Once you replace certain components of the newer version OS going back isn't an option unless you delete everything on your hard drive. You need to delete your entire hard drive then reinstall. I installed os 10.6, lost Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and slowed down Apple Works 6.2.9 to a crawl and I tried to reinstall 10.4. It doesn't work. The only option is complete delete of hard drive and then reinstall the previous version of the OS. At least I now know I am not alone. I regret buying 10.6………..

  18. Rueffilicious says:

    I think you have to have 4 GB of Ram to run lion.

  19. Truck Driver 101 says:

    See if you have virus mac defender or did you jail break your mac?

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