iPad Pro after one week: Can it replace your laptop?

Read the CNET Review – http://cnet.co/1HIaSGw
CNET Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle has been using Apple’s gigantic tablet as his main computer for a week. Luke Westaway asks how it stacks up.

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  1. Spearfast says:

    I think Andy is a nice guy, but a Fan Boi. What do you mean it doesnt support raw files, the whole point of the IPAD PRO screen is content creation, yet you cant use A. Desktop level Light Room and your saying B. It doesnt support .dng or Raw files? And that singular port is typical apple trying to make money from dongle sales. They use to get away with it but its part of the reason people are turned off apple again. I think the iPad 2017 is a good tablet, but I think thats where Apple should focus, sure they can churn out a good screen, but thats about all there is to the Pro, it just cant work with cross compatibility and to input files you need expensive dongles. Not cool Apple. Oh by the way the decade is nearly up and you still havnt Refreshed your MBP13 and it looks as ugly as the day it was born, come on apple, I like some of your stuff, but more industrial design and less marketing and aesthetics please.

  2. rosstee says:

    Would use my laptop and ipad, better ipad display

  3. Ava Hmelak says:

    How can I use family sharing on ipad pro?

  4. Fat Lip says:

    use dropbox for your un copywritten creative ideas mate, america loves your contribution

  5. Majestic one 27 says:

    I have the iPad Pro 12.9 and bought a nice & slick space gray Bluetooth keyboard case with backlit keys on Amazon , and both a absolutely amazing! I highly recommend! Going to get the Apple Pencil next!

  6. Dee J. says:

    "What's a computer?" 🙄😐

  7. Elden Fenison says:

    Waiting for Numbers in iOS to achieve feature-parity. Until then, iOS is more of a toy.

  8. Savita Mistry says:

    This is rekt MacBook air is cheaper

  9. KidTechReviews wilcox says:


  10. Charles Stewart says:

    No, it can't. Marketing bs.

  11. Minal Iftikhar says:

    You can all tell that the person who was interviewing Andy was expecting the Ipad pro to be awful 😉

  12. Cris Estalayo says:

    Got one and absolutely luv it. Truth be told, it depends what you need it for. I myself have a macbook pro, a mac mini, a mac pro, an i-Mac, etc. so not so much in search of a "laptop replacement". however, if you are someone who needs to take notes, write or modify PDFs, sketch, type documents, check and modify images (which BTW you can get adobe light room for opening RAW files) or things alike, this is absolutely it. I love the size. Honestly, it is made so lightweight that the size does not really bother me @ all. And using it is just a blast as it is so bright and big. Also, since its a tablet, the work can be done fast and it is immediately awake, no waiting time. Also, the battery is over 10 hours of use (I usually get around 14 hours of use and above 100 of standby before I need to recharge).
    oh, and for those who say Windows tablets are better, I have a surface 4 and nop, does definitely not compare to it. The stylus is horrible in comparaison, to wake it you either use your face (which is not 100% functional so a big pain in the back) or a passcode/password which is really annoying. Also, the battery ain't as good and the speed is not the same. Everything feels more clumsy on Windows. Also, to take a note you need to connect to your microsoft office account!!! WTH?!? Which means you cannot take a fast note on the go unless you have wifi. I started using paper again after buying the surface from Microsoft as it tries to "do it all" but does "very little good" indeed.


  13. Major Bonnie says:

    Super helpful and entertaining too. Thanks guys. 🤗

  14. Igor bakker says:

    I think the biggest missing part is an external mouse

  15. Vincers78 says:

    I'm thinking to get it for my wife, thanks for the feedback.

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