iPhone 7 Plus “Portrait Mode” Hands-On Preview!

iPhone 7 Plus

At the iPhone 7 Plus announcement event, Apple previews a new “Portrait” mode that simulates a shallow depth of field. This feature did not ship with the iPhone 7 Plus, but with the release of the iOS 10.1 beta we have a preview of this feature.

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  1. Kram Mark says:

    "problem is it's a software effect"
    thats why a dslr is better than a phone for boke

  2. Joshuaa Grandee says:

    It actually looked pretty good when compared to the a6300.. not bad at all

  3. Lexie Palm says:

    why the hell did i buy the normal 7 instead of the 7+ :l

  4. music king says:

    well isn't it just the auto focus we have nowadays in all phones

  5. Ice_Fang90 says:

    hi is there field of depth on the small iPhone 7 4.7"

  6. Arief Perdana2 says:

    cak iya:v

  7. mark s says:

    they made the background blurry…. genius

  8. SeanYves09 says:

    I think the images on the iPhone looks better than the actual camera … who else is with me?

  9. Mohamed Mifras says:

    Htc E9 plus already introduce copy apple

  10. Rahim Zazy says:

    Believe me I have same phone iPhone 7 plus please if you have to much money then buy it if not goes for Sony I been always use Sony this year came for iPhone 7 so much problem freezing loading lots of more problems I am having this phone from 4 days😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. Duțu Ionuț says:

    high end camera. lol, you can get the depth of field effect on a dslr with only 100 bucks or even lower.

  12. Misael Ortega says:

    whats the effect of this called? it has a specific name for this

  13. Vardan Karibyan says:

    Thank you for creating Portrait explaining video MacRumors.

  14. PronunciationLesson says:

    Ehh, I can see the lines around the shape of the object in which you took the picture!

  15. Theguy 12 says:

    The only reason I want a 7

  16. Hugh Jass says:

    IPhones portrait mode is samsungs selective focus mode which has been out since the 6 but with more hype

  17. Jim Osman says:

    It's still a great gimmick for all those photogenic Instagramers.

  18. Jim Osman says:

    You look like Andrew Garcia

  19. Daniel Guizar says:

    That Thumb tho !

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