iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8: Which should you buy?

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8: Which should you buy?

The release of the iPhone 8 is leaving many wondering how it stacks up against the iPhone 7. Here is what you need to know!

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  1. varun jain says:

    When you talk about 7 and 8, just talk about 7 and 8.. don’t show the shitty plus models.

  2. Anton Sjöstrand says:

    Two words: wireless charging. I jumped from Galaxy S7, so couldn't really go back to wired charging.

  3. jamie XF says:

    IPhone 8 black what a perfect phone

  4. Kansai Kikay says:

    I was trying to buy a 7, it got sold out as I was waiting for MNP to transfer my number to another carrier. In the end I was given an iphone 8 instead for ¥46 extra a month ( $0.50). Don’t know now if it’s a good thing. I jumped from an Android and iphone5. Let me know what you think. I have a video of it on my channel.

  5. ana ceci says:

    Guys I want to get a iPhone but idk if the 8 or 7. I’m 14 and I am going to pay it with my own money but idk which one

  6. noella newland says:

    Ya I went from iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 +

  7. Austin Mcnair says:

    I went from a 4s to a 6s and the improvement was massive and worth the money at the time. Think about how much you’re getting for what you pay for. My next phone I’ll probably get the 9 or 10 Plus for the 1080p screen which is brighter than the X btw lol
    I’d say wait 3-4 years between phones and it’ll be more worth the premium. For my Mac, I always go with older ones since paying more than $1000 for a laptop doesn’t work for me 😅 I’ve had a MacBook 2009 with upgrades last me this long and I just upgraded to the 2015 pro and I love it 😊

  8. russ bracey says:

    i just got the 8 and have the 7, waste of money actually like the matt black 7 better phone is same in real life

  9. MrTR909 says:

    I like diamond black the most. I would immediately buy iPhone 8 in diamond black if available. As I'm buying new furniture I have no budget for X, however I need to replace my iPhone 6 soon, so Apple why not continue with the most stunning color ever made IMO for a iPhone. Eventually I stick with the iPhone 7 but would miss the wireless charging option- I hat cables a lot- 😊

  10. Jeff WhatArethose says:

    lol I have the 5c 😭😭

  11. russel carmicheal says:

    I have the 5c and im not upgrading till it breaks

  12. masumbuko shane kwezi says:

    Man i have a iphone 6 and i don’t know which one to choose but im leaning towards the 7

  13. Emilio Rodriguez says:

    it doesn’t work perfectly because your using it on a plant

  14. Delesha Hayes says:

    Sooooo basically not worth the upgrade

  15. angel 298 says:

    I have the iPhone 6 I got in when it came out , in less than a month it’s my birthday idk if I should get the Iphone 8 or not although the phone I got now is in bad condition worst of all the battery is fucked (100 to 50 in 20 mins or less). Help ps iPhone 8 or 8+ ???!

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