iRoom – iBook AD

An iBook from Apple ad which show a girl cleaning her room with an iBook.

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  1. SnortsOfHappiness says:

    I thought Apple was classier than this. Shame one you, shame.

  2. AmazingArends says:

    Wow, a good reason to dig up an old, antiquated iBook, because the new MacBooks sure can't clean your room by psychokinesis for you!

  3. SlightyDisturbedNBK says:

    That's the way they where on the first ibooks.

  4. ElementalChaos says:

    A little known feature of the clamshell iBook is it's dark matter gravity displacement engine which allows for the manipulation of tangible objects.

  5. supersuato123 says:

    They used to have the logo upside down in all their old computers cuz they said that they designed their computers for you and not for the others

  6. TechWalker says:

    NO!!!! That's not the only way you can use an iBook to clean! It looks like a vacuum without the tubes, right? Hook it up to vacuum tubes!

  7. kippis05 says:

    I remember this commercial like it was yesterday. Holy CRAP am I getting old. Lol

  8. The Interportal says:

    @Mechanecro well not for that time period. At the time of the iBook, $1599 will only get you a 486/Pentium 1 WinTel laptop in the Pentium 2 era while the same price will get you an iBook with a 300MHz PowerPC G3 which will smoke any PII. Even the Nintendo Wii uses a 1.1GHz G3.

  9. tobz d says:

    lol alil late dont you think haha

  10. Tristan VEVO says:

    tuti te magyar vagy azért kérdezem mert ha igen akkkor így is meg mondom hogy nagyon jók a videóid!

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