Is the MacBook Air Worth Buying in 2017?

Planning to buy the MacBook Air in 2017 and confused if it’s worth it in 2017, considering Apple hasn’t brought a major upgrade to the MacBook Air since the past few years. In this video, we discuss if the MacBook Air is worth buying in 2017 and how it compares to other Windows laptops in the same price range.

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  1. Sandeep Agrawal says:

    What if I get a new mac air at 45000


    It's all about brand

  3. ARS says:

    What if you’re looking for a thin, lightweight computer running MacOS ?

  4. Amirul Adli says:

    Yes because macbook pro have staingate issues

  5. techno fuss says:

    Bro you can't compare a Mac and windows laptop ..
    Mac is way more great than them
    Apple is the greatest and will be

  6. sajen sarvajith says:

    Hey it's 53 thousand at amazon

  7. Michael Singh says:

    Just Picked up the 13” MBPro today and totally satisfied with it. Have owned the MBAir previously but no way in heck am I going back to a device that is outdated with legacy built components plus that sh*tty VGA Screen! This machine is worth more like $500 nowadays now that we’re getting into the 2018 era. If your gonna dump $1K on this computer just to surf the web and stream video content your wasting away your $$$$ !!! I predict Apple will eventually phase out the MBAir in 2018 with the 12” MacBook taking its place!

  8. Niklank Jain says:

    Well, I guess, you are forgetting the main purpose of getting a MacBook Air. The weight of it as compared to any other laptop in your video. The task it handles at such high speed. Also, about the gaming part, in MacBook Air, we can play latest games like skyrim, battlefield, COD Infinite warfare etc.

  9. Pushpinder Singh says:


  10. DJ Lapinou says:

    Wtf is up with ur tooth fool 😂

  11. Jeff Caceres says:

    Shut up! My poor wallet's ready!

  12. Nikhilesh Bhandari says:

    The Windows 10 cost and the cost of MS office are the reason why your windows PC will be a pain in the ass ( if you want original product ) on the other hand is macbooks come with preinstalled software which will be updated for 4 years at least for free.

  13. Matteo Stellino says:

    People say the screen is bad but it’s fine who agrees with me

  14. jepski uh says:

    Fuck off u all , Macbook is best !!

  15. officialHardly says:

    you idiot its only for writing,and professional worker battary bacup is 12 hours i use it and i completely loved it

  16. Seniya Dewminage says:

    Too late bought it😭

  17. fonzarelli says:

    Great review ! thanks

  18. /M$1238 says:

    Show tity and vagene?

  19. himanshu garg says:

    If i buying Mac air in 45000 rupees is it worth buying ?

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