Joe & Mac With Special Guests Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow – Guest Grumps

Go back to the stone age with our boys, Jesse Cox and Michelle Morrow!

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Comments (18)

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  1. Trustful Rage says:

    “Windies to the Soul” by Arin Hanson
    Available November 2015

  2. Sean S says:

    Good game was fuckin awesome. Watched it all yesterday

  3. ixekun says:

    Even during a comedic show, Jesse Cox can't help but be a self-centered prick who should have everything in the game.

  4. John John says:

    4:00 I remember ALLLL the way back in the Game Grumps announcement video where Arin and JonTron first said they were going to do Game Grumps that there was a Dragon Dildo on the shelf in the background.

  5. Matthew Anderson says:

    Jesse Cox really reminds me of Andy from the Office

  6. Octosquidy says:

    The coxmaster and the grumps? sign the me fuck up

  7. PyrozPlayground says:

    16:00! X'D

  8. TheShadowLands says:

    So there are the dinosaurs… BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LASER PARTY!

  9. Riley Sassafras says:

    is it… a bad dragon brand dragon dildo?

  10. No /NAME/ says:

    I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all, but I think you're dying too fast

  11. Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin says:

    I thought "Guest Grumps" was only for featuring non-Youtubers and Grumpcade was for featuring other Youtubers…

  12. Vaughn Yerkes says:

    "i don't want a green hair girl"

  13. XCAltoona says:


  14. Soporific Rift says:

    I fucking love you Jesse.

  15. SoundEffectsNecessary says:

    Terrifying Super Bonk flashbacks

  16. Dave! Yognau(gh)t says:

    30:03 spot the Matt n Ryan edits XD

  17. strawberrybankai12 says:

    I'm wondering why this isn't a grumpcade?

  18. ViliciousV says:

    I miss this game. Ahhhh memories

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