Karaoke with Virtual DJ Explained!

Here is a basic demonstration on how you can use a laptop running Virtual DJ to put on a karaoke show. I am using a set of Pioneer CDJ-400s and a mixer to control the software but it isn’t necessary. Whether you are a professional KJ or just a hobbyist having fun with friends and family you can pull off a professional sounding show using VDJ. I am a DJ so I use a set of software controllers for mixing music and videos as well. If you need help ask a question in the comments area and I’ll respond.

As part of this demonstration I sing so if you can’t handle people doing karaoke on the net, fast forward it through that part! lol..
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  1. Jesus Amaya says:

    Hi I was wondering if u could possibly tell me all u have as far as
    equipment and software I would like to dj /kj I have the means to purchase
    good equipment and it looks like u have a great set up. Also Where do I
    download all the songs from? Does it search for them online with virtual

  2. DJ Roivas videoita says:

    For karaoke: Melplayer 2-4 on labtop plus mixeramp with effects and

  3. Robert Campbell says:

    Hey Is does the virtual dj program have the capability to make any song in
    your library a karaoke song with lyrics? If not how would you go about
    doing so? Any info would help. Wanting to start a karaoke business. Thank

  4. David Holmes says:

    Learned a lot about the dude. Virtually nothing about Virtual DJ

  5. kcshannon3 says:

    I have purchased Virtual DJ 7 Pro and am still trying to learn it. I
    haven’t started using it with karaoke tracks yet. Do you know if you can
    adjust the key for a singer? Also is there a recommended skin suggested for
    running Karaoke?

  6. Bert Claudio says:

    Hi, enjoyed your presentation, are you still using Virtual Dj ?

  7. Visionism says:

    In my experience VDJ is a LOT more solid on a Windows PC with a Mac. On our
    Macbooks, VDJ has video output issues, latency issues, will occasionally
    freeze for 30 seconds trying to load a track and chokes completely every
    time you use the backspace key.

    On the PC it’s another story. Completely stable and smooth as butter. The
    only crashes I’ve seen are while doing batch file/library management
    operations (Such as dragging 20 songs at once into a virtual folder) Stuff
    you really should get done BEFORE the gig.

  8. Roscorunamuck says:

    Respond ASAP please, Is there anyway the expand the music You have on the
    karaoke program, Like how do I get more songs on it

  9. Santiago Sahagun says:

    y en mac?

  10. hansel moniz says:

    Nice explanation just waiting to try it out. Can you inbox me some of the
    cdg files you’ve rioped on hanselmoniz@rediffmail.com

  11. karaokeking100 says:

    Hi Paul. I have all my karaoke songs on a external hard drive. How do
    initialy load all my tracks onto VDJ. Do i only have to do this once, and
    then every time i bring VDJ up it will find all the songs. Plus when i want
    to add new songs, what then. thanks

  12. Pati Barber says:

    Hi Paul, how does it work if you are on the Virtual DJ Home Free program. I
    can put on to another screen, but can not make the screen big on the LCD
    screen. Can you help out

  13. costanzo manna says:

    i cant enlarge the karoake screen on tv

  14. Monika French says:

    hi i am trying to record zip cdg files with voice,it records the music but
    not the voice,i have the yamaha audiogram6,thT WORKS FINE WITH MY M AUDIO
    SPEAKERS AND LAPTOP,HOW TO RECORD AND HAVE my voice into recording,merci

  15. GuiGuy09 says:

    YOU speak too much..

  16. Paul Pervano says:

    PCDJ uses licensing rights to Virtual DJ’s software engine to produce their
    own, so in essence you are still using VDJ which powers PCDJ. I’d rather
    just use the original version. I know about the screen, but like I’ve said
    to the last 10 people who have typed the same statement as yours, “I did it
    that way for the purpose of simplicity in helping noobs learn to use VDJ
    for karaoke”. Thanks though… In subsequent videos I have covered more
    advanced features… DJ RuDe Keep Spinnin’!!

  17. joseluis sifuentes says:

    thanks for the tutorial j do have a question how to connect the external
    monitor ? and how to drag the lyrics screen to the external monitor? i will
    apreciate your answer thanksss

  18. Paul Pervano says:

    There is a small little symbol next to the song title in the VDJ browser.
    It is either going to be a blue “K” or a “V” for video. DJ RuDe Keep

  19. Paul Pervano says:

    I always convert my karaoke files to .zip files so there is no mistaking.
    If you need to convert CD+Gs to files playable on a computer watch my four
    part series on how to convert the files… DJ RuDe Keep Spinnin’!!

  20. Paul Pervano says:

    I used to use a Pioneer CD+G changer and a JVC unit back when I had to lug
    around over a thousand CD+G discs, I started doing karaoke in the late 80’s
    early 90’s. I now have literally thousands of discs now all ripped to my
    hard drives so I don’t need to lug them around. My high-end vocal
    processors cover reverbs & harmonies as well as voice modeling and I have
    control of pitch through my Pioneer players. DJ RuDe Keep Spinnin’!!

  21. marisolmunoz1984 says:

    Could you explain in more detail how to run the 2 monitors? so that the
    singer can only see the lyrics plz. also, how to run queue songs,for
    upcoming singers.. thanks!!

  22. djfaze1200 says:

    Great Video very informative!! Love the setup. A+++

  23. ihacker71 says:

    heres a better way to do video in VDJ ↓↓↓ 1. go in to config at the top of
    VDJ 2. click the video tab 3. see the output menu (click it it will drop
    down) 4. elect your monitor/projector 5. YOU DONE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. wrangler2704 says:

    I have a lot of singers that come to my shows that want there songs down
    1,2 etc. I believe each step is a 1/2 octave is there a way in virtual dj
    to do this that is accurately measured or do you have to guess using the
    pitch control on the platters?

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