Mac Gamer Vs Windows Gamer

Mac Gamer Vs Windows Gamer

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Music used:
Background music – buddy ( )
1:23 Street Fighter 5 Ken’s Theme
1:48 Should I Stay or Should I Go
3:00 Aladeen Madafaka
Outro Should I Stay or Should I Go

My PC :
Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 72z (All in one)

Core i3
4 GB Ram
Intel HD 2500 Graphics

Yes am poor !!

Sony Vegas (Video Editing) (Stickman editing)
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  1. J&D Game Rex says:

    Plz don't dislike if u think I said something wrong in this video cuz I made this video for entertainment , so if u enjoyed hit the like button and if u didn't then u know what to do
    (Note: Am a Windows 7 user and I love it)

  2. TurtleB33f says:

    wow you should go a pimp my setup

  3. Jaishree Priya Gupta says:

    What is the meaning of a computer without gaming
    Windows is the best

  4. MR. NBG says:

    mac and gaming sounds like fucking disaster…hahaha

  5. Jaturapit Boonpratuchai says:

    Only idiots would buy a Mac for gaming

  6. Mr Infinite says:

    How Mac can play GtA5 or even bootcamp to window ?

  7. David_8113 ! says:

    I think mac is better than windows or not?

  8. Aranha Da Vinzinhança says:

    Mac is worth ? 🙁

  9. SRB CountryBall says:

    Can i on mac play world of tanks in HD maps

  10. Eli Cav says:

    Dude hitting a p.c with a bat is much harder than dropping one

  11. vicroc N says:

    They don't know how to compare

  12. vicroc N says:

    This macfanboys suck

  13. vicroc N says:

    I think that u don't know nothing about hardware
    You can't play on a 1000$ Mac
    And to get the 5k screen you need to pay more than 3k
    Why you are going to pay for a Mac to install windows on it a 1000$ dollars pc windows can beat a 3500k Mac easily

  14. Hunter Killer says:

    I found a OS leaderboard that shows the result after mac able to run windows-
    Other OS: 3.94%
    Windows 8: 1.23%
    Mac OS x 10.12: 3.8%
    Linux: 4.83%
    Windows XP: 5.51%
    Windows 8.1: 5.83%
    Windows 10: 28.65%
    Windows 7: 46.22
    …….I am speechless

  15. Vince Vids says:

    I’m an apple fanboy!!!

  16. Bidwellz9 says:

    Game on my MacBook constantly lol mostly cod and rocket league but I am gaming fine and synced up a ds4

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