Mac Miller – My Favorite Part (feat. Ariana Grande)

From The Divine Feminine, available on iTunes & Spotify now:

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Mac DeMarco // One Another (Official Video)

Mac Demarco stars in his very own tale as old as time, fish out of water, buddy flick. Whilst relaxing in bed Mac befriends a real unlikely character, Death. Their friendship has one draw back, they can look but cannot touch. “Man the chemistry between the two leads is palpable on screen.” – Professional Reviewer.

Keep your eyes peeled for the M. Night Shyamalan style twist at the end. You’re not gonna wanna miss this one for the world!

Directed/Written/Shot/Edited by Pierce McGarry.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

Mac DeMarco’s ‘This Old Dog’ is out now.

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Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Lionel Ibrahimovic says:

    Nique ta mère connard tu la mérites pas

  2. Jennifer Macedo vlogs says:

    Like this song sooo much they are good couples if they are together but There so cutie💗💗💗

  3. Danny Neyman says:

    "Hey, all you alright?"

  4. Sofía Montalban says:

    Please someone give some vitamins to Mac, the poor kid looks like a waste

  5. María Ah says:

    <3 que vídeo tan sensual · · ·

  6. Daphne Haverkamp says:


  7. Valentina Noreña Villa says:


  8. Dequan Marshall says:

    uhhhhh what da hell is mac miller soar or wat

  9. Sarah Eli valerie says:

    God I love her voice. sounds so flawless and beautiful

  10. Kierut hahafatty says:

    i am a fan of ariana and i love her usual pop songs but i love the simple songs she makes, she doesnt need a big beat or anything just a beautiful simple beat in the background which shows off her heavenly voice

  11. Briana Alexandra Friends says:

    Like for Ari

  12. Princess Lopez says:

    as always like ariana grande 😍😘

  13. Stelios Toulis says:

    This is a masterpiece

  14. GDjesusOfsuburbia says:

    Beginning especially sounds pretty much like Buddy Holly. And its awesome obviously.

  15. Nomad 17 says:

    That people magazine issue will be worth something in the future because of this video.

  16. Luis Ortiz says:

    he remind me of Lou reed

  17. Sheldon J. Plankton says:

    did anyone notice the guy in the maxwell shirt just standing there 😛

  18. funsp says:

    the most charismatic mac!

  19. Amirror Hammond says:

    I'm the 1million review and this song is amazing asf🤠

  20. Konstantin Polyakov says:

    Hey! I write tons of songs and record all the parts on all the tracks! Pleasepleaseplease help me achieve success! I suck at everything but music and need to succeed at it!

  21. The Kowbow says:

    I had Mac demarco playing in the background before when I was having sex with this girl from Toronto. Pretty romantic night but I never saw her again seeing how I live in Michigan and she lives in Toronto.

  22. LivVila Vida says:

    Apart from all the jokes in the comments about the video.. i'd like to thank Mac for this piece of music, I just recently went through a break up and it fucking sucked. Music and friends is the only friends that kept me going, so thank you Mac and the countless other artists (looking at you Alex Turner) and once again thank you Mac for this song because it's been a month since everything happened and listening to this song made me realize what I couldn't understand before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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