Mac Mini 2014 Review: A Terrible Shame

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  1. LACK78 says:

    Mac Mini 2014 Review: A Terrible Shame

  2. VISO Network says:

    Thinking of buying a 2014 #Mac Mini? Check out @lack78’s #review of the
    #computer! #tech

  3. BWOne says:

    +LACK78 good and honest review here Dave. 

  4. FrugalTech says:

    Spot on Dave! I was one of those people looking to purchase an upgraded Mac
    Mini. Not anymore. No quad core? No user upgradable Ram. Forget it. The Mac
    Pro ? too much money for me. The iMac ? Maybe, I just know way too many
    people who’s 3 -4 year old iMacs fail. My only option for my next Mac is a
    MacBook Pro.. Oh wait I can’t upgrade Ram on that either… 

  5. Philip Chandler says:

    That’s terrible! I still have my 2012 mac mini with 4 gigs of ram that I
    can still upgrade (and will very soon) and runs very well. People would be
    better off getting an older refurbished model.
    This is really is very confusing why Apple would do this. 

  6. JTisagamer says:

    Of course it has serious weaknesses! IT’S A MAC!

  7. Russ Orler says:

    This computer has aweful features and yet people still buy it. RAM soldered
    to any motherboard is just a stupid idea. I will never buy a mac because
    apple knows its users have way more money than brains. This mac costa $500
    and is not suitable for high end gaming. Yet i recently purchased a pc
    capable of running Dolphin emulator for $200. With apple, you get nothing
    but restrictions.

    Be free, Buy a PC.

  8. Matthew Moore says:
  9. Luke Kelly says:

    Worth mentioning to any Brits taking a holiday in the USA:

    The PSU will accept 110v – 240v, making a US bought Mac Mini fully useable
    in the UK. US bought mac-care will also be redeemable in the UK (or any
    other country for that matter).

    The reason I’m posting this is because the UK Mac Mini price (base model)
    is £400, but you can get it in the US for £310. That’s almost 25% cheaper.
    And the same % discount applies to all 3 Mac Mini Models.


  10. Mr Zark says:

    Bummer. I still think this is a decent machine for a user who just needs it
    for word processing and getting on the internet. I’m still considering
    buying one for my granduncle because he needs a new machine and he’s tired
    of Windows. All he really uses his current desktop is to get on the
    internet, use Word, and download pictures from his camera.

  11. Gilberto Prats says:

    this isn’t for mac users its for people who don’t normally use apple its
    entry level.

  12. TigerGhostX says:

    Is this good to use minecraft on it and do YouTube with roxio hd pro

  13. John White says:

    Excellent review very honest and to the point and I agree with every single
    word you said. Apple are clearly seeing the entire Mac Mini as a cash cow
    as users will be drawn in by the low price point (£399 i’m in the UK) and
    then they’ll go spec it up and bang that’s another £240 for the RAM upgrade
    and further £200 for the Fusion Drive (important if you want the mac mini
    to go any faster than a snail on Mogodon). Apple are deliberately making
    their computers less and less upgradeable so they force users to pay for
    their extortionate upgrades. I mean £240 for 16gb of DDR3 Ram! It’s
    daylight robbery!!!!

    I was in the market to buy a new Mac Mini as normally I replace mine
    roughly every 2-3 years (usually every other release) buying the base model
    and spending around £100 per year on upgrades, but no not this time; I’m
    going to save my cash and look out for a 2nd hand 2008 (8Core) or 2010 Mac
    Pro and spend cash on upgrading that. Performance wise they are still
    excellent as home computers equal or better than what I presently have and
    they will easily cope with what I want to throw at it. You’ll be getting a
    LOT more computer for the money!

  14. Gopro Brayton says:

    Thank you so much you saved me from buying it. do u recommend the 8gb

  15. Peanutsreveng3 says:

    It’s interesting watch when Apple fans realize how much pain and suffering
    they and others have had to endure when they realize how much pain they’re

    The planned obsolescence has been a feature of theirs for as long as I can
    recall, but that’s a feature of the “free-market economy”, so that’s them
    screwing their customers.
    The blatant and unapologetic exploitation of human beings is another
    “free-market” feature, but the level of it is pretty bad with Apple and
    upset a fair few people (dry-screwing of .. everyone).

    The litigation over innovation saw a good deal of Apple fans turn away and
    just as important, also turned a good deal of neutral, influential tech
    enthusiasts (the kind who always have SOMEONE wanting them to fix their
    computer, setup their T.V, help them buy a new xxx consumer electronic).
    Screwing the competition.

    Now the complete removal of all upgrade abilities during a period that’s
    going to see a big rise in RAM requirements, both system and graphical….
    Screwing everyone including their own employees that will have to deal with
    the pissed off customers and completely writing off the materials used for
    that product’s construction.

    My boss actually said today that he “really likes Apple as a company”. When
    challenged on this he replied “well, they’re a cool brand”.
    Quite how a “cool brand” == “liking the company” baffles the bollox off me.
    I need a new job!

  16. ParithiMe says:

    +LACK78 Thanks a lot!!

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