Mac mini G4 OS X Leopard Install (CCC G5 Clone) | IMNC

Mac mini G4 OS X Leopard Install (CCC G5 Clone) | IMNC

Loads of people have been wondering what I’m doing with my Mac mini G4. After using the machine for experimentation for a little while, it’s time to give it a reinstall and use it for some proper tasks. When I say reinstall, I mean a clone using Carbon Copy Cloner from my studio G5. This is the easiest and quickest way to get Leopard on any machine that gives you even the slightest hint of optical drive / USB boot troubles. Only down side is, it’s not quite ‘fresh’ but luckily my G5 has barely been used.

Thanks for watching! I hope you all enjoy…


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  1. DaYm Techn0 says:

    how did you make that intro it is amazing

  2. Computer How-2s says:

    try getting the 2005 a1103 model. they are a lot faster and less noisy. i have an old 2003 and a 2005 and i much prefer my 2005 model

  3. ApocalypseBarking says:

    OS X Panther 2003, OS X Tiger 2005, OS X Leopard 2007, OS X Snow leopard 2009, OS X Lion 2011, OS X Mountain Lion 2012, OS X Mavericks 2013, OS X Yosemite 2014.

  4. Grayhatz says:

    Just A Correction Tom, I'm Pretty Sure That They Can Take 2 Gigs Of RAM ;P

  5. Joseph C says:

    so for the screen sharing on my mac mini… can I have a computer with Ubuntu view the screen of a mac mini?

  6. Tipster Gaming says:

    Just discovered your videos and I gotta say I LOVE THEM!!! Keep it up!!!

  7. Roy Burton says:

    it look like you not be on for a bit the last 1 i can get has 2-5-15



  9. The Retro Review says:

    Hey tom, I was looking to do an ff class power Macintosh 9600, I know putting a Sonnet G4 2 GHz upgrade card would make it leopard capable and my configuration for one would be: 2 PowerPC compatible SATA PCI cards, a SSD Raid setup, and a Hard Drive Raid setup. And I was wondering,what would be the best graphics card to put in one? And if you didn't know, the 9600 was essentially the Mac Pro of the PowerPC era, sporting 8 ram slots, a good amount of PCI expansion and still is a good option for anyone who likes older Macs that predate the Intel transition, while giving it a good amount of upgradability.

  10. tomheesakkers says:

    hi Tom, I upgraded the hard drive in my imac g3 but I can't find out how to burn it to a dvd that would actually work on the mac ( I only have a windows computer) do you know a solution?

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