Mac Office: How to Use Microsoft Word // Basic Tutorial {2015}

How to Use Apple Mac Office’s Microsoft Word on a Mac. This small tutorial shows you how to use Microsoft Word, inserting text, images, WordArt, tables and then exporting a PDF file.

— Inserting text, changes its font size
— Making a table
— Inserting text boxes
— Exporting the chart into a PDF file

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Full Version of Office:
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  1. King Kaiser says:

    i cant move the picture

  2. Jordan Sherrill says:

    you plagiarized bro. you're sorry

  3. Don Wood says:

    I need 365 tutorial for iMac on how to do cross referencing, table of contents, table of authorities, etc. The newest version has a REFERENCES menu tab, but works quite differently than the older version it seems. I cannot get any help anywhere!

  4. Munther G-mail says:

    404. That’s an error

  5. Cristina Gutierrez says:

    For me, the Word app always crash and I have to relaunch it about 5 times for it to work. Can you help me?

  6. ROSE HA says:

    the full ver of office isn't working with me:( y?

  7. SH7 says:

    I wanted to download MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint on another mac but the link probably doesn't work anymore. It used to work I downloaded these on another mac almost a year ago. Please fix the link.

  8. kcky says:

    hello thankyou for the video, but i want to know if you have the product key to activate the microsoft office?

  9. MrP00P1E says:

    This is a quick grab for views, don't fall for the trickery! don't even comment we know it doesn't work!!

  10. Adinda Kariz Putri says:

    hey i just opened the link and it didn't work. please fix it. thank you

  11. Mikersson says:

    This guy can read all the comments where people says the video is private. He just create new youtube sites to download the "file" instead to provide the real link (if this exist) SO what he is trying to get is as many visitors as he can to can become one of sites with most visitors that is the point. Thumbs Down.

  12. Elodie Hood says:

    Hey, I do not have the 'patch' file like you guys do on my computer.. I installed it but if I don't buy the office thing I can't do anything on it 🙁 Help me please

  13. Itz Ozowzii says:

    hey i saw you intro video and i was wondering if you can make me an intro for free? hit me up on my channle on my lattest video so thanks @techstuff31

  14. Pav M says:

    this guy is full of shit !!! there is No file to download !!

  15. Pradeep Prasad says:

    To start with, I just tried MS Word and it worked pretty well. Great Job. But Could you help me to get OneNote as well. Thanks!

  16. Montecarlo Fotógrafos says:

    The folder is empty.

  17. slo0o0m says:

    it says
    , 429. That’s an error.

    The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.,,, 🙁

  18. Ηλίας Τσαγκαράκης says:

    Where is the patch.dmg file …there is no link to it

  19. Kingkefil tube says:

    what is the link for the patch?

  20. Syed Ahmad Raza says:

    You gave me a virus…. You guys are scam

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