Mac OS Startup Speed 10.6.8 vs 10.9

Snow Leopard vs Mavericks startup speed.
This not-so-scientific test was done on the same machine on fresh installs of both systems and was done after all processes (like indexing) had completed.

System specs:
Mid-2010 MacBook Pro “13
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
5400 RPM 250 GB Hard Drive

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  1. Giachy Garau says:

    why snow leopard no longer support app this is older than windows 7

  2. Scunner Darkly says:

    Need to run legacy software? If you're on Intel then 10.6 is the only game in town if you need to run PowerPC apps, Rosetta isn't available on 10.7 and later. My Epson 4000 Pro wouldn't be getting a whole lotta maintenance if it wasn't for Rosetta enabling Epson's ancient, ugly, but very effective Printer Service Utility. I'm sure Epson would sooner I bought another monster printer instead but thanks to 10.6's enduring qualities the old battleship keeps on fighting…

  3. Stuntman 1903 says:

    I've last year downloaded el capitan and my system works so slow and bad. Two days ago i ordered mac snow leopard 10.6.2 Cd. If i install 10.6.2, where can i find than the last version(10.6.8) ?

  4. Dandan says:

    OSX snow leopard is so functional I go out of my way to keep it on my computer. Later OSX took away features I really love like Front Row and the grid arrangement of the multiple desktops/spaces.

  5. BigErkStatus says:

    I don't plan on ever replacing Snow Leopard, even tho it's stopping me from adding music files to my iPhone, simply because ios9 is not supported with iTunes on Snow Leopard. I still love the way os x Snow Leopard operates.

  6. Nicky Scarola says:

    They want you to buy new computers, that filosofy is wrong.

  7. Nicky Scarola says:

    Also graphics sucks.

  8. h4x0rl33tee says:

    Installed el captain on my duel core 2010
    Talk about boot time complete slow down

  9. RANDOM NAME says:

    newer mac os brings in new textures, features etc which would slow older hardware down however the snow leopard was built on the older hardware used and is therefore faster than the new mavericks software.

  10. Luis Enrique Rodríguez Presa says:

    personalmente uso mac desde 10.6.3 y hoy en dia habia actualizado a yosemite pero mi MBP se alento muchisimo lo que decidi fue volver a instalar 10.6.8 y no tengo problemas trabaja mas tranquila no se siente que se sobrecargue mi MBP. simpleemtne un excelente OS

  11. Eulices360 says:

    What os x saves more battery?

  12. Atlantic says:

    Snow Leopard is more lighter, more faster and more older, of course. This is normal.

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