Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard & 10.6 Snow Leopard (High Quality) Intro Video

Unlike my first video where I recorded the actual demo with my Digital cam. I had to cut song short since it’s a bit longer than the video file.

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  1. YasinAdor1999 says:

    10 people are retarded PC Fans who know nothing about Computer Music

  2. LUCID THINKER says:


  3. whitemanwii says:

    This the intro I deserved after spending a week trying to install Leopard onto a Mac… God I love Windows… not nearly complicated….

  4. The Newbees says:

    10 people either use OS X 10.7-10.9 or Windows

  5. Kenneth Rogers says:

    This is the last intro video that Apple produced for OS X. Starting with version 10.7, Apple decided to nix the intro video by going with a simple "welcome" screen

  6. Elvis Florian says:

    720p we meet again
    1080p is standard now lol
    But for real it is .
    Lucky I'm not watching this on my 2k ipad 3

  7. Fivos Sakellis says:

    better than windoze

  8. XichhassemichX says:

    i put it in full screen on my macbook pro 17 and i pretended like i just got it all over again. I LOVE MAC <3

  9. ShadowEagle says:

    he found the file in osx

  10. xBeatleFan66x says:

    This video in my option is brilliant. Without apple, there would be no iPods, iPhones, iMacs, nothing. Steve Jobs is a genius, creating a line of operating systems. rip Steve Jobs

  11. Chris Ross says:

    Why did they get rid of this intro?! It's brilliant! 😀

  12. 13579Winter says:

    @taylorconor95 Mac = Machine for video, audio, and photo editing. I'll give you 1 guess, as to how apple most likely created this video, if you get it wrong, your retarded.

  13. 13579Winter says:

    @macvid456 and now mac can't either, Apple cut out the video in Lion, and it could be anticipated that they will do so for future operating systems

  14. James Grant says:

    so coooooooooooooooooooool!!! 😀 how's the song called? o.O

  15. Conor Taylor says:

    Hey, How would apple go about making this video?

  16. Marcel Waynetrain says:


    de de de deedee.

  17. Asbronaut says:

    WRONG! It's Exodus Honey! At least you got the album right.

    Is it just me or is that main central nebula an apple? I never noticed until now.

  18. bcodii says:

    this song is is superb but the movie is less a lot of less

  19. Aparnaa Bxrry says:

    fernandouh The Day you Turned To Glass

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