Mac OS X Leopard Overview : Mac OS X Leopard Dock

The dock has been around since OS 10 started. Learn about the new looking dock in Leopard from an Apple computer specialist in this free computer software video.

Expert: Brandon Karon
Bio: Brandon Karon works for Florida’s largest premier Apple reseller. He is also an Apple specialist and has been an Apple sales professional for over two years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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  1. Ryean Hafeez says:

    i got a mac 😀

  2. Fri13 says:

    @carlosmashiado2 It ain't that easy. Linux is Unix-clone operating system. Operating System is the part of the software system what operates the whole hardware system and operates all other software. Operating System can be coded to have multiple supported CPU architectures (Like Linux has dozens) and different other hardware supports. PC was IBM specification for their personal computer. There were no standard among personal computers until IBM started to sell PC and license it to others.

  3. Fri13 says:

    @Mematman15 Mac ain't PC and PC ain't mac. Those are two different brands. And even that PC is IBM's derived acronym from "IBM Personal Computer" it was IBM's technical specification that PC was. And there were PC-compatible personal computers and non-compatible personal computers were not PC's. And one of non-com personal computer was Apple's. If PC every personal computer would be a PC. Then your phone and smartphone would be a PC. Your iPod would be a PC. All those are computers and personal

  4. Fri13 says:

    @fdrpyahoocom PC is acronym from personal computer, yes. But there were no PC brand until IBM made specification of personal computer named IBM PC what people simply started to call as PC. All other personal computers were just home computers or microcomputers OR own brand like LISA and Apple II etc. IBM made PC brand, it wrote the specification for it, it licensed it for others what they could then sell as "PC compatible". And PC(-compatibles) were not compatible with other personal computers.

  5. Fri13 says:

    @fdrpyahoocom No it does not. Most people think it does because most personal computers are PC's but PC is a brand and techical specification like Macintosh. Now PC is more or less just a brand instead technical specification. If you study personal computer history who invented, who build and who designed the PC, you learn why Mac ain't PC. You will find Project Chess from IBM. You find PC-DOS and Microsoft rights to sell it as MS-DOS. You find PC-compatible personal computers etc.

  6. Andi says:

    do anyone hates when the top comment is a reply and don't know what there talking about

  7. stevenpcc says:

    I've heard about the dock, and how it performs.

  8. Sivosam says:

    @K0njad People who aren't into computers and don't really know what is what will be confused by your comment, not mine. Everyone already categorizes, it's useless for you to spread the bullshit and try to fight against it, especially with idiotic comments.

  9. Sivosam says:

    @K0njad I think it's just easier to categorize computers running windows to PCs, computers running OSX to Macs and computers running linux just linux and everyone already does it, but if you want to be a smartarse, okay. The fact of the matter is that the term "PC" describes IBMs computers which run windows. Everything else is false. Every computer you can buy is basically personal computer, but that doesn't make them PCs.
    Someone not interested in computer has easier time categorizing.

  10. kony says:


    Mac is a PC.
    PC isn't a term used to describe Windows OS. It's not used to describe any OS. It's used to describe programmable electronic machine you probably use when reading this. No one should use "PC" to describe Windows OS – as you say – due to a fact that PCs have three main OS – Windows, MacOS and Linux. MacOS is a Unix which is very similar to other unix or linux systems.

    Please stop spreading bullshit, if someone not interested in computers read it he could believe you.

  11. Sivosam says:

    @ScotjeRPAS So you just decided to completely ignore my comment? Mac is a personal computer, but the term "PC" doesn't anymore simply stand for "Personal Computer" as nowdays, it's more often used to talk about non-mac computers, hardware and OS wise. What good you get if you argue that PC also means mac? Everyone uses PC to describe non-mac. Should we start saying "Mac vs. Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc."? That would be quite unpractical and confusing. PC = Non-Mac, period.

  12. iNyan600 says:

    I love OS X Snow Leopard

  13. ls7orBust says:

    Who came here from OS X?

  14. Budar Endario says:

    2006 song?

  15. The Ultimate Hacker says:

    Wonder if I could use this for my intro. Would credit you!

  16. El Mundo De Ash says:

    Me gusta me gusta me gusta!!!! *-* (ilike) amo apple!!!( Ilove apple )

  17. TheCluelessYoutuber ~ says:


  18. exmpletree says:

    windows should have these kind of intros

  19. TheBlueMoons says:

    I think the iOS devices should have a intro like the macs do

  20. Gravarty says:

    PC? Never…

  21. MultiVladimir12 says:

    if you want the original song from i itunes i buyed it.

    so if you want comment on my channel i send to upload or something.

  22. Everyday We Stray Further From God says:

    I'm a PC user, and i approve this song.

  23. sacraty8 says:

    they play this at macys

  24. Fancy Show Tech says:

    cool song! 😀

  25. snowiey says:

    Hmmmmm… Good vid but, I like Apple's version better 🙂

  26. Josh Loft says:

    Fourth and this is awesome. This should have way more views than 300.

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