Mac OSX Leopard – Review


New Features in Leopard:

Video of Features

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  1. Fogo B says:

    holly cow!!!!
    back in the day!!! what a champ!!!!
    hahaha… what are you there man? 18??? hahahaha

  2. silenteyesspy says:

    I loved leopard back when and now I'm on mountain lion =)

  3. VoelMaarMee says:

    Why should windows 7 support as much ram as mac?
    The general user has 1 to 4 Gb of ram, windows supporting less then 1TB? I think that will cover the next 50 years.
    Not trying to be a hater, but that comment didnt make much sence.

  4. macmaster4848 says:

    ok, how much RAM does windows 7 support? less than 1TB and snow leopard supports 14,000,000GB+ of RAM

  5. Joe Clark says:

    iLife 08/09 doesnt come with leopard.u buy it seperately. it comes preloaded with every mac.

  6. Kay Khan says:

    you can but its terrible compared to mac's

  7. Shawn Polson says:

    to vinillafresh76 : YES!

  8. TheFresh76 says:

    Can you customize leopard's themes, interface etc like windows does?

  9. ɹǝʇʇnɹ pɹɐɥɔıɹ says:

    Are the new functions in iChat compatible with ichat 3.1.9 from Tiger?

  10. UKTomm says:

    not the free version , but paid versions of MSN hotmail do.

  11. Nom6458 says:

    lol do you know him personaly?

  12. va47764 says:

    Nice Videos Man! Hey, one question, does time machine back up things for windows when you use parallels?

  13. Seb Remin says:

    My macbook pro takes about 30 secons or more 2.4 ghz 2gb ram and leopard Why?

  14. Eric24601 says:

    dude, ur super cute! i enjoy watching your videos.

  15. strongmad86 says:

    your a good guy

  16. jdanielbell says:

    zippier? nah…"snappier"

  17. TechnoBuffalo says:


    I tell her how it's going to be…until she tells me otherwise!!!

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