Mac Tips – Adding Flash Storage to a Mac Notebook πŸ’» DIY in 5 Ep 37

Mac Tips - Adding Flash Storage to a Mac Notebook πŸ’» DIY in 5 Ep 37

We’re going to show you 4 ways to add Flash storage to your Macbook!

Getting a microSD adapter just might be perfect for you. You can pick up one of these for about and just slide a microSD card into your MacBook or MacBook Air so it looks like it was put in by Apple itself. Learn more about Kingston microSD cards here If you don’t have this slot but you do have a USB-A port you can still read microSD cards with this reader

If you have an older MacBook with a spinning hard drive, swapping it out for an SSD just might be for you! SSDs are more affordable now. Should you go this route, you’ll definitely notice a huge speed improvement and can probably hold off on buying a new MacBook for a little bit longer.

If you have an older MacBook but will be upgrading to the latest one next you can use a USB Flash drive that has both a USB Type-A and USB Type-C connector like our DataTraveler microDuo 3C. Another cool thing you can do before you get the Late 2016 MBP is to use an SSDs as portable storage. Get one of our SSDs with the Installation Kit (also known as bundle kits) They include an external USB enclosure work with any USB Type-A Mac. When it comes time to make the switch to the Late 2016 Touchbar MBP, simply add a USB C adapter that you can pick up for less than

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  1. Yahir Diaz says:


  2. Jim Griffiths says:

    02:27My biggest fear is hard drive failures, which seem to be happening a lot more often with larger drives (2TB+). If only Kingston made spinning disk drives, then my system would be happy! 😊 Everything else I've had from Kingston seems to work perfectly. Can't quite justify the cost of going SSD yet. My system is already bloated at 15TB – and it's growing!

  3. Subiedude says:

    You should also mention that you can replace the superdrive in the older macbook with an additional hard drive/ssd

  4. Karmesh Hemani says:

    what you've Snapchat username

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