Mac Tips For College Students

Mac Tips For College Students

Transitioning to the college lifestyle can be awkward at first. Being away from home, having a heavy workload and still wanting to hangout with friends can be a lot to manage all at once.

Luckily, your Mac can help relieve a little of that stress throughout the school year. In today’s video, take a look at these five hot Mac tips that can make your new year of college easier: be prepared for thieves, find the best way to take notes and more.

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  1. Keshav Nyati says:

    MacBook Pro 2016 non touch bar is amazingly beautiful and worth the money. should buy for college use.

  2. Channel Everything says:

    thank you liked the video i would love a updated one

  3. Johana Koberová says:

    He's so hot 😨

  4. ilyasse mokhtari says:

    thank you for the tip 2

  5. Wienerdog 785 says:

    you can do all of this on google drive and if you purchase a certain Chromebook google will give you an extra 100 GB of storage that will add to your free 15 GB

  6. RemixProf says:

    Serial Number
    C02KC1RQFFRP 🙂

  7. DJ Shuffle says:

    I'm not a fan of iCloud. I tried backing up my calendars to it and it deleted them from my Macbook in the process. That pissed me right off since I not only had my deadlines and lecture schedule on there, but also my work shifts and extra-curricular planner. Luckily I had a Time Machine backup from the previous day so I could restore all my calendars.

    My tip is to get a DropBox account and download it to your devices. Just like iCloud, you can access anything you upload except you can use it on any platform. It is used by pretty much every student on campus to share projects for collaboration and recently it has been set up to be used for uploading summative assignments/projects, which immensely simplifies handing in work at the end of the trimester.

  8. Laurence says:

    What laptop should i buy im going for engineering course?

  9. Frenchie Nintendogs says:

    Thank you so much! I am starting college on Monday i will be a freshmen and im gonna go into network administration so yeah i will need a computer!

  10. Ducky1521 says:

    // If you have an ounce of common sense you will pay for quality – not for a brand name. Sure, I guess some people like to show others they have money to gain social acceptance, but the only thing you're proving to anyone is how fucking retarded you are. Some people don't belong in college.

  11. Kameron Coleman says:

    I felt bad for you. You have an iPhone 5 in College? It was 2014… By the time I'm in 6th grade, I'll have the iPhone 6S+ or better

  12. Mark Jones says:

    Hardest part is getting a macbook while in college. They don't run cheap, lol. Good video though; I appreciate the tips 🙂

  13. mac cleaner says:

    How to Speed up and clean up your mac.

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