Mac vs PC for Audio Production – who wins?

Oh dear…..i’m wading in on this topic, but specifically on the subject of audio production. Check it out.

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  1. Russell Eustachius says:

    Hey Adam greetings from India.
    what would your top 5 laptops for music production be in 2017?
    I am considering buying one with 32 GB Ram, I7, 512 Ssd. I would greatly appreciate your help for any suggestions

  2. No Music, No Life says:

    I beg to differ, they are both the same unless you like Logic Pro (or GarageBand). BTW what is so difficult with buying a reputable desktop like Dell or asking a trustworthy PC dealer to build a custom PC?

  3. edsbackalleyband says:

    You should try to get to the point. Don't be too English about it – extremely long-winded and rambling. And stick to the title theme. Just a suggestion.

  4. BarnibusMaximusMusic says:

    I've been using a macbook pro for the last 4 years and whilst it has kind of handled what (I did get used to making saves every 20 mins in case of crashes.) i've wanted to run on it i've been struggling with more and more basic use issues. I'm on charger cable number 4 and they are £80 a pop. The trackpad and keyboard have become difficult to use and I now use usb ones. It has become slow and unreliable with age. I've decided to switch to a desktop and go for a PC simply on the basis of costs. I'd rather put in my own time to research the best build for what i need instead of shelling out cash for a mac.

  5. thevisi0nary says:

    Sorry if I missed it but I'm surprised you didn't list O.S as a main reason. If you are used to using windows then OSX is likely going to feel very foreign and uncomfortable.

  6. MetalHeadedRogue says:

    ive never had a mac crash on me – think im just lucky 😛

  7. David Jeter says:

    I am waiting on my tax return and am going to be spending about 3000 dollars on a music production computer. Was loyal to Apple many years ago until they started becoming what they are today (which started happening around 2008-2009), no optical drives or even the option for an optical drive (not a big deal anymore), no tower at all (old Mac pro that was a tower was a monster computer, that's gone so thank you Apple) and also Windows 7 despite minor issues (anti virus software, cleaning up the registry, etc) ran for me as smoothly as OSX. With that said, I still looked on Apple's website earlier today at the PowerMac (just out of curiosity and trying to be somewhat open minded), Apple must be smoking crack. about 1200 dollars for 64gb DDR3 RAM?!?!?!?! WTF Apple, I can buy 64gb DDR4 RAM from Tiger Direct or Newegg for less than half of that price depending on manufacturer. They might be using laptop RAM in that computer, that is still bullshit. Not giving us consumers the options they used to as though we are too incompetent to know what we want and need in our computer. Most people I would say who get to the level of spending 3-6000 dollars on a computer to do real work aside from gaming IE: music production, photo editing, video editing with the intention of making money from their craft probably know motherboard specs, CPU specs, manufacturers of components in their computer, power supply specs, etc. Even if they buy a Windows machine built by someone else for their work. The arrogance of Apple, it is a slap in the face to people who understand how computers work out of necessity when an issue inevitably will come up (even on a Mac, have owned two of them and they didn't really give me anymore problems than PC's after Windows 7, but my Macs still gave me some issues that needed to be fixed over years of ownership). As it stands right now, I will never own another Mac for ANY REASON. The mirrored doors G4 I had back in the day (and was running Pro Tools LE with a Digi002 console), Reason 2.5, Ableton Live, and eventually Logic Express, that computer will always hold a special place in my heart which to a point makes me resent Apple for what they have become. Like an old friend or business partner that went to the dark side so to speak…

  8. Sebastian Blackheart says:

    This was the first straightforward video, thank you

  9. KarlitoMusicTV says:

    If your broke to buy softwares DO NOT BUY A MAC! GET WINDOWS!! You can crack all the softwares easy as hell !! And they will all work !! Again DO NOT GET A MAC if you aint willing to spend cash buying the softwares and plug ins such and such for the audio you need to make ! GET WINDOWS !! It's super easy to crack stuff there and make them work ! Finding softwares cracked for the Mac is a pain in the A***

  10. Caetano Evon says:

    Thank you so much for staying objective! I going for the windows route, I checked out the guys at scan that built your laptop and they have awesome prices for the audio workstations (I play live with controller+laptop+audio interface+ableton), the problem is I'm in Paris! Do you think it's worth the shipping or do you any guys that do that high quality work over here? Thank you!

  11. Elias Kyparissis says:

    I think PC`s are better overall machines. They can do pretty much any task. If you are like me you would stay away from mac. I like to also play some games now and then and mac`s are known for bad gaming. Simply because they are not meant for gaming. PC´s can do both. PC`s are the most bang for your buck (if you know how to build a decent one)

  12. ID Musicando says:

    what you think about IBM?

  13. WitnessTV says:

    Helpful tips thanks

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