Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement Guide (A1369/A1466)

A guide to replacing the Macbook Air with a new keyboard and backlight.

This is a fairly difficult process, involving completely dismantling the laptop, including removing the logic board and screen assembly. The old keyboard is destroyed in the process, so make sure you have a replacement purchased and ready.

This video features an ‘A1369’ Sandy Bridge generation MacBook Air, but the same process applies to other models with minor variations.

This systems keyboard had suffered water damage to the keyboard, and after replacement worked perfectly.

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  1. Chang Ye says:

    Fucking rivets!!!!!!! Rivets!!!

  2. Graham Ashton says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge with such clear and easy to follow instructions. I suspect my mid 2011 Air's keyboard ribbon cable is damaged as two rows of keys only work intermittently. Apple have just told me they won't touch it as its age means it's now "vintage", even though the rest of the machine is in excellent condition and perfectly usable. I could get a 3rd party to repair it, but with resources like this to help there's no excuse for not just doing it myself. Thanks again!

  3. elia eichmann says:

    I have a question. After I finished my macbook I have issues with the temperature of the CPU. Not even 1 minute after turning on the CPU gets so hot that I can't touch it anymore.

    Any suggestions what this could be?

  4. Beenthere Donethat says:

    Hmmm, how much do repair shops charge to do this?

  5. Beenthere Donethat says:

    My God, could they have made it any harder????

  6. elia eichmann says:

    Well done sir! Super great Tutorial! Informative and professional (y) love it 🙂

  7. Igor F says:

    idiot still does not know the right way how to pop up rivets using a screw driver.

  8. Pocket Survey says:

    Moral is. Don't buy a Mac! I won't ever again. Apple.. there is no need to make repairs so difficult…. as if you would listen! It's a 3 minute job on a Dell PC. Who wants to buy a Mac Air 11" with a keyboard that has 3 keys not working?

  9. DocDawning says:

    Thanks for the very helpful video. I've followed-along and my keyboard replacement works perfectly. I think it took me close to 3 hours to do the whole thing, as I proceeded very carefully. A nice side-note: When I pulled out the keyboard, ALL of the rivets came out. Annoyingly one of the little screws I put in to the rivet holes sheered-off, so I have a single screw missing. But 1/14,792 screws isn't too bad. Thanks for the video!

  10. Wesam Shaya says:

    you do not need to take off everything to replace the keyboard

  11. Michelle Martinez says:

    Well Thanks anyhow Sure it possibly help other Smarties folks but I do not hold the patience nor the Intelligence to fix mine. So prefer to have a professional do it …. Pip Pip CheeriO

  12. Michelle Martinez says:

    Sorry bud that was a painfully unhelpful video ….. Going to Apple store and just pay and have it done.

  13. Nathan Cunningham says:

    You my good fellow just saved me $1000! Thank you so much for the upload!

  14. Fishinggiant says:

    Cant even see what three cablesyour talking about after bat cable. ☚ī¸. Still a great vid with no time wasted and worked like a charm. Had to reset smc after restart to get backlight to work.

  15. virginia_creeper says:

    Hello, what length & diameter of that screws (22:37)?
    How much of them I need to have?

    Best regards!

  16. Scheme Spielberg says:

    Thank You! You helped me save $354

  17. Tim Britton says:

    Thanks for your efforts. I could have used a better angle. Your hand sometimes covers what you're doing. Maybe work a bit slower and show what you're doing better and closer.

  18. yo Jamey says:

    Thank you…Mission accomplished for under US$30

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