Macbook Air Unboxing & Review – What You Should Know! –

A just purchased, brand new, never opened, Unboxing of a Macbook Air.
I’ll walk you through it from sealed in the box – to in your had fully functioning! Learn why, even though I had a macbook pro – I still
decided on a Air! And that even if you do your home work, regarding
which mac to go for, you still may have to opt for two machines like I did.
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  1. DaekstarePlaysMC says:

    I am watching cuz soon enough we are gonna replace our windows laptop to a
    Macbook air i just wanna ask if is this laptop good for gaming?

  2. Ilija Novakovic says:

    i dont know if i should buy this or some PC laptop.
    First of my wanderings is is it fast like PC laptop for that price and is
    it really worth spending so much money on that specs?Plus i know i cant
    play as nearly much games as on PC
    Plece help :)

  3. xKiiTz says:

    I’m going to buy a mac pro I’m 12 and need it to write things on microsoft
    word and watch youtube videos and go on twitter :):):)

  4. Andrew Mckernan says:

    Does the apple logo at the back light up or no 

  5. Gabzmann says:

    Macs are crap

  6. Africanandy3 says:

    Is this laptop good for playing sims 3 or minecraft on?

  7. jasmine whitely says:

    Witch one is better….
    I pad air
    A macbook air or pro
    Tell mee fellow youtubers

  8. Mohammad youssef says:

    I wanna get the Mac for programming is it good cuz everyone says it is for
    programming! So yeah! Is it???? 

  9. Looms By A ! says:


  10. serena bateman says:

    Is this or the pro better for a 13 year old girl who would do school work
    and also go on Netflix and the internet a lot?!?!?!

  11. Nur Bahirah Ahmad Nazri says:

    is it okay for microsoft office and kickasstorrent?

  12. Nadia Lynch says:

    BEST Apple MacBook Air recommendation!!

  13. Joke Ghekiere says:

    Is it possible to use HDMI on a macbook air? I know it doesn’t have the
    usual plug in for HDMI but is it possible with some sort of connector? 

  14. Jesper Sollie Varheim says:

    You pay thousands of dollars for computers only because of nice design…
    Thats what i hate about apple.

  15. Мила Мандичева says:

    you seriously do not know how to unbox a MacBook -.-

  16. Deepak Dighorikar says:

    Does it support full hd viewing experience ? I mean really 1080p ImaX kinda

  17. Shauna cordner says:

    I’m going to need a mac for school next year ( im 12) i dont know wether i
    should get a 13 inch or a 11 inch if you have any tips or videos to
    reccomend please tell me because i have never use a mac before i have only
    used a pc.

  18. Paul Carlyle says:

    Do you recommend this air 13″ i5 8gb ram 256gb or buy apple macbook pro
    retina 8gb 256gb 13″. I be doing itunes word social media youtube email
    watching missed episodes web browsing adobe reader store music’s and photos
    this be my main computer 3-7years be taking on holidays twice a year and
    take committee meetings 

  19. maddi jay says:

    where is the chepest place you can get this device from?????

  20. zach goffredo says:

    Great video explains a lot i have the Macbook air and I love it video is

  21. Pauliina Autio says:

    I am thinking about buying the macbook air 13 inch 128GB 4GB RAM for my
    studies. I am currently finishing off my two last years of high school lot
    of science projects and so on. And after that I will be using it for my
    medical studies in university. So what I will be using it for is pretty
    much just projects, essays, papers, presentations, browsing the web and
    normal everyday tasks. No form for video editing or anything like that.
    Would it be enough for me? Or should I get more RAM or something? Thanks
    you in advance :)

  22. mobb deep says:

    I wish they add retina display and compensate by cutting the battery hours
    from the current 12 to 10. This would make more sense.

  23. suzieroxq says:

    I’m getting one tomorrow! So excited! :)

  24. egy ardiya says:

    @Mohammad youssef I’d say get a linux

  25. PaulyBoy says:

    How much is a MacBook Air?

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