MacBook Pro 15 inch 2016 Review

My review on the 2016 MacBook Pro!

Configuration I had was the 2.7Ghz Intel Skylake Quad Core processor / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD / Radeon Pro 460

You can pick one up here:

You can also get the AUKEY USB-C to USB 3.0 adapters here:

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► The equipment I use!
• Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch –
• Sony RX100m3 (RX100m4 Available) –
• Sony A6300 –
• Manfrotto Mini Tripod –
• iPhone 7 Plus –
• Nexus 6P –
• Phantom 3 Pro –

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  1. stuntelle 56543 says:

    ik vind scd speler erg jammer niet in zit

  2. jed23ify says:

    One thing I have noticed with Surface book owners is that they dump their device in less than 2 years. Let me guess less than stellar performance on a dual core with no USB-C support and………Windows 10,lol. I wanted to love the surface book but not having a larger display, no USB-C, and for the expensive price we only get dual core. GTFO Microsoft and come back with a new model that fixes all that in 2017, by then it would have been too late since I would have jumped on something else like everyone else.

  3. josephbfun says:

    No SD card slot would be a no go for many, even if you have the money to buy it.

  4. Abdallah Guellim says:

    with this mac book u can play Gt5 and league of legends ?????

  5. Potenti4lz says:

    Speakers seem 11/10, as expected from Apple MacBook Pros 🙂

  6. Potenti4lz says:

    Thank you for your very honest review! I hope the 2017 MacBook Pros at least bring back the option of chiclet (quiet and soft/spongy absorbing) keypad and more ports… It will be interesting to see what Apple does with the next line of MacBook Pros, will they be due out in March 2017? I'm on a Late 2013 13" 2.4GHz/8GB RAM/256GB SSD (I should have went with a 16GB RAM model but the retailer I got mine from didn't have those in stock and required a 2 week wait custom order from Apple, so eh, and they were having a 10% discount sale on Macs in stock, having said all that, it's a pretty sturdy specced machine that holds up about 85% of the time with my demanding multitasking use without breaking the bank – it was only AUD $1.6k, RRPed for $1849 though so I got it for a pretty good deal), and would like to move to a thin/light (as thin as the 2016 models) 15" with dedicated GPU (a base dGPU would be enough spec for me I think), 16-32GB DDR4 RAM (preferably 32GB because you can never have too much RAM and this will be for about 3-4+ years of use).

  7. gtrmusic69 says:

    4:30 "…in a year or two…" Are you kidding? In a year or two they certainly should have newer models out by then.
    On one hand Apple is waaaay behind on technology, old batter, ram processor technology etc. and on the other they're trying to push technology????? Weird and makes no sense. I'm going with the new X1 Carbon Gen 5. after returning my 2016 MBP.
    Mostly though because the keyboard simply and absolutely SUUUUCKS on this machine. It's one step away from typing on a tablet screen.

  8. Wire Rubbish Bin says:

    Nice review but I don't see how anybody can overlook the high price or the lack of connectivity out of the box which means buying dongles to make up for the lack of ports that work with existing devices. Maybe usb-c devices will appear in 2017 or 2018 or later but right now there are precious few of them.

  9. AnAtari2600 says:

    Great video. If you up your production quality; use a tripod, a better mic, edit a little better etc. I can see you being one of the many successful tech people on YouTube. 🙂

  10. Hai Kim says:

    Why not just say the macbook is overpriced for what it is? Simply telling the viewer that if he/she got money to splurge and don't care about the high price is sugar coating it. In the end the Macbook does not offer features that other laptop has (touch screen, stylus, tablet mode, etc) and cost the price point does not match the features.

  11. Alyssa Viera says:

    would you say this is the best model for video editing

  12. Mr Snipey says:

    turn the freakin music down so we can hear what you're saying.

  13. Yoyoamg Amg says:

    Is the 2.7 g process good enough ?

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