MacBook Pro (15-inch Touch Bar): Should you buy one?

MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar Review! Should you buy one of Apple’s newest “Pro” notebooks?
13-inch MacBook Pro Review:
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  1. Manuel Rebuffo says:

    Hi! Sorry for my english
    I just buy a MacBook Pro 13 (2017) without touchbar, i am using it for job , specifically editing video… i want switch to the 15 inch, because on the 13 inch Adobe premiere is very laggy… will i have the same problem with the MacBook Pro 15? Thanks guys

  2. Random and Real says:

    I think it's worth the money. I love the touch bar. I watch a lot of videos on youtube, as in, perhaps 6+ hours a day. I watch videos in between working. I'll do work, then watch a few videos, then work, then videos. So I absolutely love the touch bar just for media!

    I am excited to try the touchbar in programs like FL12 (music Digital audio workspace) or Logic Pro X!

    I love that it only have thunderbolt 3 ports because it makes things a lot easier for someone who is just buying a laptop/peripherals for the first time, everything is the same connection and it's super quick. Anyone who is complaining should just buy a HyperDrive! It'll do wonders for the time being until things catch up to Thunderbolt 3 connectors! (Check Ebay and Amazon for good deals on Hyperdrives and make sure you get the right color SPACE GREY or SILVER)

    The keyboard makes me smile every time I use it. It reminds me of when I was 3 years old and I was learning to use the computer, my mother was teaching me the alphabet since I needed some help, she wrote the letters in lowercase for me on the white keyboard with a black sharpie so that I could learn the uppercase-lowercase relation better. Anywho.. The keyboard is very fast! Great!

    I haven't had issues with the touchpad and I am so impressed by it, I don't want to use a mouse/etc anymore. It works so well, it's like I've never thought about touchpads as being better than another one, I always thought it was just aesthetics but I realize now that's not true. It all matters, and that touchpad or trackpad whatever you call it on the 15inch Pro Macbook is stellar! It works so WELL! I am going to try to increase sensitivity to see how well it works like that too! I bet it works amazing at any sensitivity but the default sensitivity feels like it works perfectly, I hope a higher sensitivity will feel perfect as well just quicker! Also impressed with apples motion controls. I'll have to learn more!

    Most of Mac OS shortcuts and Command + _ , all seem to be more intuitive than Windows OS. Although many things are similar.

    The finder on Mac OS works. I've never had the finder in my documents for Windows really find what I'm looking for.

    Anywho, that's a long comment!

  3. Gabriel F says:

    You literally used literally literally a thousand times. Great video, but that's a pet peeve of mine.

  4. wcm5150 says:

    "More faster?" Why does it seem like everybody's grammar, both in speech and in text is getting worse? Proof read your shit before you write the script.

  5. Ahnaf Tajwar says:

    What do you think about the 2015 Macbook Pro 15" ???

  6. Leiana Becerra says:

    I have that MacBook 💻

  7. Medvid Hartoonian says:

    Apple says 10 hours not 8!!

  8. Kevin Xin says:

    You have a 4K camera that never focuses the right place…

  9. Crazy media says:

    well im gonna buy the macbook 13 inch and my sister the 15 -inch which ever is the best i'll try to get from her

  10. Ashley Patterson says:

    I love the touch bar and I've just got me a 15inch apple MacBook Pro and I love my MacBook 15 inch & with the touch bar and its awesome and its beautiful and its great and apple done amazing the way made them !

  11. Hashem Hashem says:

    I am planning to get myself a macbook pro, for Graphic Design purposes, I may or may not edit videos on it as I am also planning to get apowerful PC for this work. The question is, if by any chance the 2015 model with the discreet graphics still available in our market in the middle east, shall I go for it? Will it serves me for more than 3 or 5 years later? Or the newer the better?

  12. Ben Benkhadra says:

    I have 15 inch MacBook Pro with the (touchbar) it costs $2,799 its expensive but I think it is worth it according to my experience .

  13. f4tov says:

    Man honestly I've seen like 1000 MacBook reviews and yours is really the best one! Thanks man, really professional and you correctly point out the differences between 13 inch and 15 inch!!! You da man

  14. Stirling Studios says:

    What is the LG monitor in the background?

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