Macbook Pro Elegant Storage Solution | Tardisk 256GB

Tardisk 256GB Prices & Availability:

And here we are with another elegant storage solution for the macbook pro 13″ but with the Tardisk we actually can expand our internal storage and that has been a great experience.

In terms of speeds when using the Tardisk in Expanded / Pear mode i don’t feel any difference in real world performance compared with using the pure ssd so the read / write buffer on the ssd makes the SD to work similar to a fusion drive.

Interesting piece of tech here allowing those that need to expand the internal storage.

My advise is if you are looking to purchase a new MacBook Pro than i would suggest that you configure with as much internal storage you need. But if you already have the Macbook Pro and you need more internal storage to install aps then the Tardisk is the way to go

Things i did like the most:
– Built Quality
– Design
– Easy to use software
– Elegant solution to expand internal storage
– Really Nice Speeds

Things i did like the least:
– No Bootcamp Support
– Price per GB on the 256GB version way higher than on the 128GB Version

Hope you guys enjoy the video

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  1. millo lailang says:

    It would be wiser to buy an ssd for that price

  2. Arlis Martinez says:

    Is there any way of maybe just getting a Micro SD Card with the Adapter that could merge with the internal space on the Macbook Pro? Or is the Tardisk the only unit that could merge with the internal space like that?

  3. Fin GamingOP says:

    Is there any SDXC cards that i can use bootcamp on?

  4. Rahul Kumar says:

    Is it a good idea to store games on it? Or is the drive speed to slow?

  5. aramistech says:

    Dude are you crazy this cards shows it's $399 on amazon. You can purchase a 480GB SSD that replaces the internal drive on the MacBook for $279. All you have to do is open it and replace the drive. If you want to expand your storage that's the way to go not with this over priced sd card.

  6. Wonjin Kim Kim says:

    You speak like Russians. Are you from Russia?

  7. Marco Sartori says:

    Hi roberto. Do you have a review of your iphone se?

  8. Archangel Tyrael says:

    Might as well buy the MacBook with more memory, might even be cheaper and better.

  9. Partho Mandal says:

    Hi, is it possible to expand internal storage using Transcend JetLite the way Tardisk does ? I am a student and I want cheaper alternative.

  10. GuideMe says:

    Hy Roberto, so this video is the answer of previous question regarding the jetDrive lite! So we can install apps if we're run out of built in space. But still have some quick questions: what happens if we unplug the tardisk while the macbook pro is switched ON (i.e while working on it)? Secondly, I searched on amazon but couldn't find it. How much is the price and where to buy it? Their website doesn't seem to work correctly. Thank u so much for your videos!

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